Various optics are widely used in outdoor activities. In most cases, the goal is to bring faraway objects into closer view and let you see more detail. This is the case with binoculars and spotting scopes. Optical sights are also used by hunters to aid aiming during long distance shots. Range finders are used in both hunting as well as numerous sports.

Probably the most common and widely used outdoors optical instrument is the binocular. Most binoculars are portable and provide a decent magnification of distant objects. The main advantage of binoculars is that unlike most optics, they allow you to use both eyes, which is more natural and convenient, plus gives you some depth perception.

Monoculars are basically half a binocular. They are even smaller and lighter, but obviously don’t give you any stereoscopic vision.

Spotting scopes and telescopes are typically mounted on a support such as a tripod and have more magnification to look at objects even further away, or at dim objects, such as celestial bodies.

Laser range finder are very useful devices with a number of specialized applications. Having a precise measure of distance to something far away is important in sports such as golf, as well as archery and shooting.

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