Buying Binoculars with Compass – Guide and Reviews

We have boiled choosing binoculars with a compass down to just 4 models – it’s just a matter of picking one by your requirements. See below!

Compass binoculars are a fantastic tool whether you’re hunting or out on the water.

When shopping for binoculars with compass, it is important to consider the product features to ensure they fit your needs. Hunting binoculars will require a different magnification and objective lens diameter than marine binoculars, for example.

In this list, we have selected high power products, so you can find the best purchase for you in comparison to similar items.

Best Mid-Range Marine Binoculars With Compass:

With marine standard 7x magnification and high-contrast Porro prism optics, the Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 are the perfect compass-inclusive binoculars for those seeking good quality 7x50 marine binoculars on a budget.

The 50mm objective lenses deliver fantastic image clarity and high contrast optics for bright pictures in low lighting. Features include a HD stabilized compass and a Sports-Auto Focus system, which means that moving objects can be tracked from 20 yards with razor sharp focus.

Makrolon housing and NBR rubber armoring creates a non-slip grip that holds up against the harshest conditions, whilst the floating prism system utilizes flexible silicone lens mounts for shock absorption, making them perfect for adventures out boating. Nitrogen filled, the Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Binoculars are also fogproof and water resistant as deep as 16 feet.

Customer reviews do note some issues with the binoculars, including the lack of a horizontal or vertical reticle. At 2.42 pounds, these are the most compact binoculars on the list. These marine binos retain many features of high-end Steiner binoculars, at a fraction of the price.

  • Shockproof NBR rubber armor
  • Fogproof and waterproof marine binoculars
  • High clarity optics
  • Marine standard magnification
  • No reticle

Best Marine Military Binoculars (and Great for Hunting, Too):

The USCAMEL 10x50 Marine Military Binoculars feature multi-coated BAK4 porro prisms, an internal directional compass, and anti-reflective coatings to improve image sharpness.

The 50 mm objective lens provides a bright picture in low light conditions. Coupled with an illuminated compass, these HD 10x 50 mm binoculars and carrying pouch are the perfect product for hunting or boating at night.

With a field of view of 396 feet at 1000 yards, and a high 10x magnification, they can hone in easily on distant objects. They also allow a wide viewing range, fitting with military marine specifications.

The compass features an internal rangefinder reticle for measuring distances and directions. The individual focus system means you can adjust the lenses to the individual needs of your eyesight, focusing accurately at long distances.

The durable rubber armor coating is easy to grip, and perfect for use in all weather conditions. These floating marine military binoculars are fully waterproof, filled with nitrogen to prevent fog damage, and O-ring sealed.

Eye relief of 22mm and adjustable eyecups make these the perfect binoculars for glasses wearers. The binoculars come with accessories, too, but the strap and lens caps can be uncomfortable to use.

As one of the heaviest binoculars on this list, they are suitable binoculars for adults, but less appropriate for family outings.

  • Internal rangefinder reticle
  • Will float on water
  • Focus on distant objects
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • 10x50 military marine specification
  • Carrying strap can be uncomfortable
  • Heavy for travel


Best Overall:

The Ocean Pro 7x50 combines Nikon quality images with a reasonable price. These binoculars feature multi-coated optics for enhancing images, and BAK4 porro prism lenses, a superior quality glass for binocular optics that have a rounder picture, enabling better light transmission.

With a field of view of 380 ft, the Ocean Pro 7x50 offers wide, clear optics, whilst the large objective lens diameter of 50 mm makes these the perfect night time vision binos.

These marine binoculars are fully fogproof and waterproof in 3.3 feet of water for up to 5 minutes, and are coated with non-slip rubber armoring to keep robust in all weather conditions. Accessories include a floating neck strap for easy retrieval should the binoculars fall in water.

Though customer reviews suggest some minor issues with the compass light, this black pair of binoculars offers clear images at a good price, making them a fantastic overall buy.

  • BAK4 porro prism lenses
  • Large objective lens diameter
  • Floating strap
  • Good price
  • Heavy
  • Issues with compass light

Perfect For The Professional Mariner:

Perfect for professional mariners, the Steiner Commander 7x50C Binoculars with compass feature Sports Auto-focus, waterproof protection, and a built-in analog compass with HD stabilization.

Plus, the 7x50 Commander binoculars’ range finder reticle is internal, making finding distances between objects easy, as long as you know the height or width of the object observed.

These incredibly durable 7x50 military binoculars feature a Makrolon construction with a long life NBR rubber armor that can withstand high level impact damage. Waterproof and fogproof features make this a perfect marine binocular for taking out on boats.

The sharp Sports Auto Focus, and wide 145 meter field of view are great for viewing objects in motion. With a 7 x 50 specification, the 50mm objective lens diameter and 5mm exit pupil enable clear night vision in dark conditions.

Though expensive, and heavy to hold, these marine 7x50 binoculars feature high power and fantastic optics.

  • Internal rangefinder
  • Built-in compass
  • Wide exit pupil
  • Expensive price
  • Heavy to hold

Whether you’re shopping for hunting binoculars or marine binoculars, these products offer a wide variety of features and different kinds of internal compasses.

Consider the product features carefully before buying. Check for a large objective lens diameter and lower magnification if you are looking for a wider field of view. If you’re heading out on the water, look for waterproof binoculars with a floating strap.