Why 8×42 Binoculars are a Great Choice for an African Safari

What comes to your mind on mention or thought of Africa? Is it wildlife safaris or poverty and insecurity as portrayed by the media?

Travelling to a new place brings mixed reactions which can be excitement or worries especially if you are not assured of your safety. An Africa safari can sometimes be “once in a lifetime experience” that is why proper planning is important.

Proper preparation is paramount and therefore you need to decide on where to visit. Africa being the second large continent you have to make a choice on the countries to visit depending on the activities or what you want to see.

Some of the activities that you can engage include game drive, boat activities, sporting activities, mountain climbing etc.  The right types of equipment are important to ensure that you don’t miss on the anything due to poor visibility that is why an 8X42 binocular is ideal as it has best magnification and objective lens that perform well on all outdoor activities.

Game drive involves travelling through the national park to view animals. most of the time at a distance for safety reason as well as not to harm the grass and trees that animals feed on. Normally the game drives are either taken early in the morning or late at night as this is the best time when animals come out to look for food and water. Some wild animals are fast- moving and small.   A telescope that works well during the day and night will be ideal for the low light performance and wider field of view which will be provided by a pair of 8×42 binoculars.

Hunting ,when you go on bow hunting you want to remain undetected. A high powered lens will enable you to stalk your targets through the thick and wooded trees from their hideouts. A wide field of view makes it easier to locate fast-moving targets.

Sporting activities such as mountain climbing. There are wonderful mountains in Africa like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, and Morocco.  The wide view and clarity that 8×42 brings to the eyes ensure that you get a wide and interesting view when you look either up or down the mountain when trekking.

Bird Watching.  Africa offers a wide geographical range and vast areas with forests, wetlands, coastline on Atlantic and the Indian Ocean as well as desert suitable for birds habitation. If you choose to visit Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique for bird watching a pair of  8×42 binoculars will help you to get the best views. It has a wide field of view and top of the form and larger exit pupil makes for spotting fast-flying and country-specific species of birds much easier than when using a 10X42.

Stargazing – NamibRand was named as Africa’s first “ Dark sky Reserves” in 2012 in recognition of the special features allures that draw stargazers for a celestial safari. Many tour companies and hotels offer a research-grade or “prosumer” telescopes and hired live-in astronomers to lure tourist who wants to gaze deeper into space and time. Its always god to be prepared for your own safari equipment and 8×42 binocular will be a necessity. It will give you a slightly brighter, clearer view of the sky and stars.

Boating activities. 8×42 binoculars are waterproof with a large objective diameter and rubber armory. This makes them ideal for a fishing expedition in the deep sea, also navigate to spot wind, fish and marine creatures to enjoy the scenery.

A well-planned safari will bring help to incredible and unforgettable memory as you to relax, reflect, explore and discover many things about nature as well as people cultures. Remember to take a lot photos to keep memories of your adventures.