7 Ways to Get a Stable Image Using High Powered Binoculars

When using a pair of high power binoculars sometimes it becomes difficult to stay on focus due to intense shaking. This is because in long distance binoculars a slight movement of the hand can trigger a very big shift and this usually destabilizes the image.

Placing your hands above each other and above your forehead

In this method, you will extend your hands with your fingers fully clenched and place one hand over the other ensuring the fingertips of the top hand are on your knuckles with your thumbs pointing towards yourself. Then in this position place your hands over your forehead with your thumbs adjacent to your ears and it will look as if you are trying to protect yourself from excessive sunlight.

Now pick your binoculars and hold them with that exact grip and instead of grazing them in your hands you will be firmly holding them between your palms. Once you place your binoculars

between your eyes as you had done prior without them with your hands grazing your forehead and your thumbs back adjacent to your ears you will be able to eliminate any form of shaking when holding the binoculars. This is very important when on a moving ship since it is easier to fixate your eyes on a point within the horizon by adjusting your head as compared to moving your hands without shaking.

Using a tripod

A tripod can be used to prevent high powered binoculars from shaking and make them more stable.  Monopods can also be used since they are cheaper and perform the same function as a tripod.

Leaning your elbows on a wall

When looking at terrestrial objects you can lean your elbows on a straight object like a wall or something. This helps you to use your arms as a firm stand preventing any shift ensuring that the images are stable.

Sitting down

Sitting down on a deck chair that has been set to recline as far as is comfortable while resting your elbows on your chest for additional support is another way of ensuring that your high powered binoculars are stable.

Wrapping the straps around one arm

Rigidly grip the binoculars on your hand through wrapping the straps of the high powered binoculars around one arm. This reduces the amount of shaking from your wrist.

Holding a heavy object beneath the binocular

Hold a heavy object beneath the binoculars to reduce the vibrations but this will make it difficult to use the binoculars for a long period of time.

Standing in a pistol stance

Standing with your knees bent and legs spread apart wider than the shoulders commonly referred to as a pistol stance is another way of ensuring that your arms are steady and the images remain stable.

If you hold a pair of binoculars with your hands there will always be a little shake regardless of how steady they may be. However, there are situations whereby it is necessary to use your hands to spot and view objects and thus some of the techniques discussed may come in handy.  Nevertheless, the use of a tripod is the best option for ensuring that the images are stabilized and there is no shake.