Brands that Make Great Optics for Use on Boats, Ships etc

Seeing things while aboard on a boat floating in the vast waters can be a bit difficult. The difficulty can even increase when you are trying to see things from a distance. There will be a lot of dizziness, headaches, even nausea and vomiting. Being sea sick can even worsen your condition. This is where a nifty pair of binoculars can be a great help. However, one does not pick the first binocular he sees at the shelves at the shopping mall, department store or an outdoor gear shop. Aside from being a binocular specially designed to be used for aquatic and marine activities, the perfect binocular must sport several features such as image stabilization, high magnification power, and wide objective lens diameter for it to be an effective tool to see things from a distance.

This feature filled binoculars are only produced by the best names and brands in the world of binoculars and magnification tools. There are so many companies that are highly regarded, well recognized and are very respected because of the high-performance binoculars that they produce. These brands are already on the top and the authorities when it comes to the binocular and magnification industry. The binoculars produced by these brands are proven to be durable, effective, and filled with useful features for you to have a more enjoyable boating and viewing experience. In short, these brands are proven and tested to produce and manufacture the best and the most excellent marine binoculars.Here are some of these top of the line brands of quality marine binoculars.


Bushnell Corporation is a very respected American company that specializes in sporting optics and outdoor products. Aside from binoculars, the Kansas headquartered sporting goods company also produces high quality telescopes, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, red dot sights, GPS devices, laser range finders, game cameras, night vision equipment and other state of the art optical equipment.

For over 60 years, Bushnell Corporation has already produced hundreds of thousands of units of high performance sports optics. The marine binoculars this company produces are proven to be waterproof, buoyant, resistant to corrosion and rust, and made from the finest and highest quality materials. Their binoculars are also equipped with a feature rubber armoring for a much better grip and absorb shock when accidentally dropped.


Steiner optics was born in the midst of world war 2. Amidst the crisis faced by the whole world plus the face of demolished and ruined infrastructure and a shattered economy, Karl Steiner has bravely founded the Steiner Optics as a one-man workshop in Bayreuth, Germany with a goal of “creating optical products so functional, sturdy and uniformly flawless that nothing in the chaotic mass production post war could compare.” From just a one-man workshop, Steiner Optics has grown into a 50-man factory in just a span of six years. From then, Steiner Optics has become one of the top brands in the world of optics with their quality binoculars and rifle scopes. And as they say, the rest is history.

Most of the professional sailing crews prefer the marine binoculars produced and created by Steiner Optics. However, aside from professional grade marine binoculars, they also produce marine binoculars for enthusiasts, or should we say, for the casual sea men who just go into the vast waters for leisure. Steiner Optics has surely a marine binocular for every kind of boaters. Whatever marine binocular they produce, they will always embed the signature technology, precision, ruggedness, innovation and functionality only found on Steiner optic produced marine binocular.


Barska is an American-based sports optic company that has an unprecedented reputation and recognition in the world of optics. The Ponoma, California headquartered optics company offers state of the art extensive line of sport optics ranging from binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes and rifle scopes.

Committed to deliver everyone the best products with a very reasonable price tag, Barska has been designing and built the best optic products while making use of the best optical technology. With this, leisure time has been even more enjoyable for everyone.

Their line of marine binoculars called Deep Sea models is specially made to withstand the roughness of sea situations. All of their marine binoculars have a minimum of 7x magnification power and a very durable rubber armor covering for you to have the best and secure grip. Some models also has an internal range finder and directional compass for easier navigation.


Nikon is one of the best and internationally acclaimed Japanese companies that specializes in optics and imaging products. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Nikon has already produced the best models of cameras, camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars, ophthalmic lenses, measurement instruments, rifle scopes, potting scopes, steppers, and photolithography equipment used in semiconductor fabrication.

Nikon is primarily known for its cameras especially the DSLR ones. However, they are also one of the best producers of quality marine binoculars. Since 1917, Nikon has been producing quality optics non-stop and has been used to a variety of optic products. Nikon rose to fame and popularity because of their wide use if the best and the top technologies and parts as part of their manufacturing process. Nikon’s state of the art marine binoculars is proven to produce clear and very detailed images. They are also sealed with o-rings and filled with nitrogen gas that provides total protection against water and prevent fog and moisture from forming inside and in between the lenses. Their line of marine binoculars is very reliable and can be surely used in the open water.

Aside from these highly regarded marine binocular manufacturers and producers, there are also a lot of companies and brands that produces binoculars of high quality and has the best features. They may be not producing binoculars specially made for aquatic use, but they also have binoculars that has the same features as those that are specially made for use in boating and water activities. These binocular producers are Zeiss, Swarovski Optics and Magnacraft.

Choosing a quality marine binocular can be pretty difficult. Thankfully, marine binoculars from these brands will surely filter out the best from the rest. Good luck finding that perfect marine binoculars!