Wingspan Optics NaturePro 8x42 Binoculars Review – 2018

For bird lovers, finding the perfect binoculars to cater to your needs may prove to be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider like contrast, image sharpness, size of binoculars, and the price range. The Wingspan 8x42 HD professional bird watching binocular is among the many binoculars from wingspan optics that have been designed specifically for bird lovers. However, it is important to note that these binoculars can be used for any other outdoor activity that requires bringing things to closer focus like hunting, attending the opera, watching matches among others.

Its best feature is its ability to produce bright and sharp images on a broad view to allow one to follow a bird’s movement when it is in motion. It has user-friendly features that make it easy to operate when adjusting the knobs for clearer images. Made up of lightweight material, this is easy to carry around especially for people using it while taking a long distance walk

Additional items                                                                                                              

The binocular is not the only item you get when you purchase a Wingspan Optics Pro Birder Ultra HD package; you also get other things made to ensure your experience is memorable.

  • A protective cover to guard your binocular’s eyepiece against scratches to sustain high image quality.
  • A neck strap to help you carry the binoculars with ease.
  • A storing case made of nylon mesh is provided to help provide safe storage for your binoculars
  • A cleaning cloth made of non-abrasive, microfiber lens to prevent your binoculars from clogging with dust and dirt.


Focus system – Centre focus wheels

Exit pupil diameter – 5.25

Exit pupil distance – 17.2

Minimum focal length – 2m

Field of view – 1000 yards

Eye relief – 14.8mm

Magnification size – 8x

Measurements – 5.75x4.75x2 (L x W x H)

Weight – 1 lbs 6 oz.

Distance between pupils – 56mm – 76mm

Water/fog proof – 1m/30min

Objective lens diameter – 42mm

Diopter system – Right eye

Prism type – BaK4

Nitrogen filled – Yes

Phase coated – Yes



  • The color clarity and HD sharpness provide for remarkable viewing even from a distance or from an elevated place like a hill. You get to experience the vibrant yellows, the deep reds and the most authentic blues as they appear.
  • The ergonomic easy to turn feature allows for one to spend countless hours using the gadget with no strain.
  • The product offers multi-coated lenses as well as phase correction coated prisms that provide vibrant and crisp colors of the subjects you want.
  • The close focus technique integrated with these binoculars makes it possible for you to zoom in the image you are looking at up to 6 feet away. This is one of the most useful features often neglected by product manufacturers and developers.
  • Serious bird watchers also have the chance to expand their field of view as the Wingspan Optics NaturePro has an extra full field of view. This makes it possible for watchers to fully view the beauty of the birds, their habitat, and natural surroundings.
  • Waterproof and fog proof features ensure your bird watching experience is not cut short by rain or fog. They allow you to explore bird’s behavior during different climate changes without having to worry about damaging the binoculars. The Wingspan is built for the outdoors meaning it has the ability to withstand varying weathers.
  • The product has an adjustable eye relief to give an allowance between the binoculars’ eyepiece and your eyes. This prevents excess pressure from building around your eyes when looking through the binoculars for an extended period. It also prevents spotting and blurring problems associated with viewing using the wrong eye relief measurement.
  • They are compatible with eyeglasses. You do not have to remove your eyeglasses when you need to use the binoculars.


  1. They are slightly heavy to carry around especially for someone used to other lighter types of binoculars
  2. They are a bit narrow when opened fully. This creates a problem for people with an increased distance from pupil to pupil to see clearly
  3. Eyecups move back down as they do not stick once they are locked into place.
  4. No manual offered to let the users know that they can adjust distance to avoid pressing hard on the rear lens for clear views.


The Wingspan Optics Naturepro 8x42 Binoculars is an excellent asset to invest in when in need of exploring the outdoors. It can deliver as expected considering the prize range. On a scale of one to ten, it deserves 8.5.