Cheap Spotting Scopes vs More Expensive Ones

Just like rifle scopes spotting scopes can be quite expensive. They may range from as little as fifty dollars all the way to thousands of dollars. When buying a spotting scope it is important that you figure out your budget and find the one that will be the most useful when it comes to the activities you are buying them for.

You can choose to either buy an expensive scope that has all the amazing features or buy an affordable spotting scope with limited features.  A cheaper spotting scope will still have the ability to provide a crispy clear image and will definitely have the ability of properly functioning outside. An important feature that should be available in both is the coating which is necessary to provide a bright image since a spotting scope that does not provide a bright image is as useless as a pair of cheap knock of binoculars.

The following are some of the best budget spotting scopes on the market. They may be cheap in price but definitely not in quality since they are affordable and not well-built.

Celestron Landscout 

This spotting scope is a powerful and affordable device that offers an excellent all-around viewing experience.  The Celestron Landscout has a lot since it is variable and enable the viewer to see across a state or across view since it has a twelve to thirty six power magnification and this is a serious arsenal for any outdoor enthusiast with an eager eye.

It also comes with a huge 60mm objective lens that is capable of providing enough light for long distance viewing as well as short distance viewing. It also provides a wide viewing field  even when at maximum power at sixty millimeters.  To provide a clear image that is bright its optics are coated with very minimum or no glare at all. It may not be very compact as other spotting scopes in the market but it is very light compared to other models and this something an outdoor enthusiast will enjoy.

This spotting scope is quite affordable and it is sold together with a tripod mount that rotates enabling the easy steering of the lens. It also has a very large wheel of focus that comes with a firm rubber grip making its refocus simple when it comes to zooming out and inwards. Observing images through the scope offers clear, bright pictures giving the viewer the ability to spot birds and wildlife in high definition.

Emarth GOMU

Another simple to use and affordable versatile spotting scope is the  Emarth GOMU. For those who are looking forward to view small objects close up or objects from a very long distance. The Emarth Gomu  has a powerful optic with magnification of at least 20 power magnification power with a 60 maximum power magnification.   It has a high power level since it is a large spotting scope and it provides a large range of magnification.

It weigh half a pound an it is very long. This makes it difficult to hunt with since it does not provide the agility that a hunter requires. However, this spotting scope is ideal for naturalists, landscape enthusiasts, and birdwatchers. Furthermore, shooters who will use this device in a stationary position will have a greater accuracy rate and will be pleased with its magnification features.

It comes with a 45- degree eyepiece for a pleasant viewing experience over a longer timeframe. It offer a very large field of view over a long distance due to its 60mm objective lens. It is designed for heavy outdoor use since it is waterproof and fog proof as well.

Simmons Pro Sport

Just as the numerous products from Simmons optics the Simmons Pro Sport is a high quality spotting scope that has a powerful magnification level. It has at least a magnification power of 20 and a maximum power of 60.  The Simmons Pro Sport offers a powerful level of magnification and is a variable spotting scope. The minimum magnification is 20 power with a max of 60 power. It 60 millimeter objective lens is transmits a lot of light through it providing a wide field of view.

Crystal clear images are viewed by looking through the optic lens. These powerful optic can be used by long-range shooters to assess bullet holes on target dummies and adjust their aim to hit their intended targets which is the bullseye by dialing their scopes.  For clear transmission of light the Pro Sport uses fully multi-coated optics.

This device is easy to use since the controls are spot on.It is also fog proof and waterproof making it perfect for the outdoors. It comes with an optional sunshade to resist glare as well. It also has carrying case together with a small but stout tripod making it very portable.

Vortex optic razor

The Vortex optic razor is another unique and powerful affordable spotting scope that has a  20 to 100 power magnification range. It offers the user the ability to view crispy clear images since it has an 85-millimeter objective lens as well as the multi-coated lens.

It comes with a tough waterproof, rugged external housing that makes it ideal for target shooting, bird watching, and hunting. It also has a rubber armor around it ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.

It also has a tripod that makes it very easy to carry it around within the case. The tripod offers the needed stability to view the landscape over a very long distance range through the straight lens comfortably.

Swarovski Optik ATS 80HD

This is a powerful spotting scope that can be used for multiple purposes from wildlife viewing all the way to  amateur astronomy. It has a wide field of view allowing the viewer to see the entire field as well as spot the smallest details with it 60 times zoom in capability. It comes with 80mm objective lenses that are multi-coated with supreme optical effects for long range viewing.           Its 45° angled eyepiece- enables comfortable viewing over longer time periods and offering comfort and suitability to viewers of differing heights. Even though its price is a little on the higher end this device will not disappoint when it comes to producing sharp, bright images.

Another high-end luxury spotting scope is the Barska 30-90X100 WP which is very powerful and can be used for a variety of activities like star gazing, site seeing, ocean exploration wildlife viewing and hunting. It comes with a 100 mm lens that is covered with several layers of anti-reflective coatings that offer clear bright pictures at any time of the day from close range and very long range. It server it purpose during sunny days, foggy days, rainy and any other overcast conditions since it is fully fog and waterproof. Its optics are very sharp and it is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who love observing images from afar.


Indeed high quality optics are a necessity to any outdoor explorer ranging from bird watchers all the way to long range shooters, however, the prices for some of these spotting scopes are unattainable to some. Nonetheless a few budget spotting scopes have been designed to serve their purpose but at an affordable price and will offer a similar experience as other high end budget scopes. Expensive budget scopes definitely have a higher magnification power compared to the lower end budget scopes and will offer a more surreal experience to the users leaving them amazed by how much they can view from a very long distance away.