Best Brands that Make Great Mid-Range Spotting Scopes

There is a wide range of price in spotting scopes going from budget products, to mid-range then to high-end. Many manufacturers make amazing scopes based with perfect optics and the strongest material, Swarovski for example leads the optics field and provides high-end products. Other brands compete to satisfy the client with affordable high-quality material, some of these brands have created really stunning spotting scopes under $500 and they are just awesome!

Check with us the best brands that make spotting scopes under $500, maybe you will consider buying one of their products for your next hunting session!


Well, Vortex is a well-known manufacturer of optical material such as binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes. This company succeeded in making the best products and helped many people get a special optical performance whether they were birding or hunting or even star chasing.

For products under $500, Vortex has a variety of spotting scopes including the Diamondback 20-60X60mm which has impeccable features: 20-60X magnification and 60mm wide objective lens and it is available in both shapes, straight or angled. This has to be very convincing for $500 since it will allow you to focus on game at long ranges and provides you with crisp images.


This company is actually specialized in budget spotting scopes, but it has some mesmerizing mid-range products under the roof of $500. From the Regal M2 65ED to the Trailseeker 22-67X100mm are all top-notch products in this category. I mean, where else can you find a scope that has 22-67X magnification power and 100mm wide objective lens for this modest price? Only Celestron gives the privilege to try such products.


Although it is not widely known, this manufacturer delivers the best spotting scopes under $500. It has a wide variety of products at many prices, but when it comes to mid-range then Vanguard is absolutely the finest. The Endeavor HD82 and the 16-48X65 mm are both definitely worth more than $500 but Vanguard offers them for less. Such configurations are very useful for hunting and some people say that Vanguard scopes are one of the best they have ever owned.


This company manufactures some of the best budget and mid-range scopes. Its products gained a great reputation through the years and it has proved that it is trustworthy and reliable. Under $500, Barska offers amazing options such as the 25-125X88mm Benchmark, the 20-60X65mm WP Level, the 18-36X50mm Blackhawk or the 30-90X100mm WP gladiator. All of these products and more provide the user with great configurations in addition to the strong and durable material that will last for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that the quality of glass used on Barska products is not really appreciated and it finishes with giving chromatic aberrations and ruining your hunting experience.


Bushnell spotting scopes are always present on “the best products” lists thanks to their convenience and versatility. In fact, Bushnell engineers always find the way to satisfy the user with their creativity and innovations as well as the quality of every piece used on their scopes. Spotting scopes like Legend Ultra HD 20-60X80mm or Trophy XLT 15-45X50mm are both extremely efficient out there in the wild with their compactness and strength. Give it a go and you will love hunting with Bushnell scopes!


The giant manufacturer of optics, from DSLRs to spotting scopes and binoculars knows exactly the needs of its customers and provides them with a mid-range spotting scope that will put an end to all of their problems. The Prostaff 5 from Nikon with its 16-48X magnification power and 60mm wide objective lens is absolutely a generous offer from the leading manufacturer of high-end scopes. Actually, Nikon gives its clients an opportunity to experience the convenience of its products by providing them with such an affordable scope.


Finally, we must never forget that in addition to those cited above, several other manufacturers also offer great quality spotting scopes at a price under $500. Gosky, Emarth, Svbony, Kowa, Redfield, Visionking are all trustworthy and reliable manufacturers of spotting scopes. They provide spectacular configuration at extremely low prices.

Well, if you are still a beginner, you must start with a budget or a mid-range spotting scope to discover the best ways of using your tool as well as setting it up. Go for a product manufactured by one of those mid-range scopes builders. Same case applies to the ones who would like to buy an alternative spotting scope for their high-end product. Changing the glass is necessary for various activities.

Honestly, I find that many products under $500 can compensate the quality of high-end scopes at close ranges. But under some conditions and at long range shooting (usually more than 300 yards) you will have to add some cash because the difference is really critical at this level.