Spotting Scope with Ranging Reticle vs Laser Rangefinder: Which Should You Go for?

Nowadays, optics are of capital importance in the world of hunting, a good hunter is someone who owns quality optics with his gear. Some hunters wonder whether it is better to have a spotting scope or a laser range finder.

There is a wide difference between spotting scopes and laser rangefinders, each one is useful for some activities but they both contribute to the development of hunting and target shooting.

Benefits of spotting scopes with reticles

When used on a hunting day out, reticle-equipped spotter scopes allow hunters to localize their target and have a better idea about its size and speed. Actually, many hunters prefer spotting scopes for long range target shooting thanks to their supreme ability of magnification and the reticle gives them the opportunity of 2nd shot correction.

Benefits of laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders use laser technology to calculate the distance of your target; this target is very effective especially at extreme weather conditions since it doesn’t get affected by fog or dust or rain. Such material is recommended to get out with the best results from your hunting experience.

Laser rangefinders win the battle against spotting scopes when it comes to precision since everything is measured with a laser beam which means the most precise distance. While reticle spotting scopes don’t have this asset because the measuring is up to your interpretation of the grid on the reticle.

Which Should You Go for?

Both are of important accuracy in the field but you will need to limit your preferences to choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, a spotting scope with a reticle will give you a wider field of view and the reticle provides information about size, speed, 2nd shot correction, wind drift correction while a laser rangefinder will only inform you about the distance with high precision. Therefore, honestly, it is better if you purchase a spotting scope thanks to its additional features but if you are still beginner and you don’t want a lot of complications, then a laser rangefinder will do the job.

Now that you have a good idea about what spotting scopes with reticles and laser rangefinders are, then it is the perfect time to go check some products that are available on the market! Don’t forget to choose the best optics to guarantee an astonishing optical performance.