Overview of the Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Series

Spotting scope, an invaluable pre-season gear, is becoming more and more important as the scouting season looms ahead. There is a huge variety of spotting scope, making it difficult to sift through many sub-par products who often claim to excel in a number of sighting applications. However, there are a few manufacturers who actually live up to the expectation with a limited yet premium product—and certainly, Leupold is one of them. Leupold is a big name in the optics market with a good reputation. Though they offer a very limited number of spotting scopes, the quality is delivered as promised, making it more desirable for everyone. Leupold Golden Ring is series features one of the most versatile scopes that Leupold has to offer. They are specifically made to be compact and to provide exceptional clarity in a perfect package.


Leupold Gold Ring spotting scope line delivers the kind of features you would generally expect from Leupold—brilliant. Except for 10-20x40mm scope, every spotter can be availed as a standalone spotting scope or in a kit, meaning you will get a lockable case with internal rubber to fit the accessories. It includes a compact tripod, padded soft case, window mount, lens pen. However, you need to pay extra bucks for it. Depending on the product model the built quality and other features will vary greatly. But, all of them will return a good performance and well worth every penny. You can get digital camera compatible scopes from the Gold Ring series. Many of the scopes are made of magnesium housing, decreasing weight, and increasing toughness. A singular innovative feature that Leupold boast—folded light path—has made it possible to compress the traditional long scope by utilizing mirror and eliminating prism. These scopes, therefore, bags an unmatched compactness and portability. In fact, these scopes are storage-friendly and ideal scope to have when portability is of immense importance for you. Leupold also provides a proprietary nitrogen filling process, rugged and absolutely fog proof and waterproof.



The Golden Ring spotting scope line provides excellent clarity. The entry-level products are equipped with multi-coated glass, while the mid-tier product will offer index-matched lens system. In short, optimizing the light transmission, they will deliver superior brightness and sharpness of the images. The exterior lens surface is made of DiamondCoat 2 lens treatment—an ion-assist lens coating in the high-performance model. It ensures greater light transmission and the highest level of abrasive resistance. Altogether, they provide exceptional clarity, high contrast, brilliant resolution, crisp-and-sharp image.  Another exciting feature of this spotting scope line is Xtended Twilight Lens system, optimizing the low-light scenes more professionally. Thus, you get the same level of clarity and detail even in low-light conditions.


Products to consider: Though the number of scopes from Leupold is not overwhelming, there are enough to choose the best-fit product for you. Let’s see some of them:


  • Leupold 120371 GR Spotting Scope: The shadow gray Leupold 120371 GR features all top-class features that you would expect only from a flagship spotting scope. With a large 60mm objective lens and a powerful 12-40x magnification, this scope weighs only 37oz. Leupold Shadow Gray 120371 also features digital camera compatibility, magnesium housing, proprietary nitrogen filling process, completely waterproof and fog proof protection. However, the game-changing features are said to be DiamondCoat 2, Xtended twilight lens system. Thus, it delivers superior clarity and best in class optical performance. The eye relief is 30mm, large enough even for the glass-wearer. As far as shooting concerns, spotting beyond 300 yards is effortless.


  • Leupold 120372 GR HD Spotting Scope: This scope boasts all the necessary features of GR 120371. In fact, the eye relief, weight, close focus distance of 36 feet, twilight factor all remained same. However, the additional high-definition lens will only boost the proven performance and outstanding image.


  • Leupold 120374 GR: It is rather an entry-level spotting scope some decent features. Featuring a magnification of 10-20x and objective lens of 40mm, this scope is made of the standard multi-coat lens. It’s also simple to use side-mounted focusing knob. After all, the great thing about this scope is it weighs only 15.8 ounces, measuring only 7.5 inches.


  • Leupold 120560 GR: The mid-tier spotting scope delivers a high-end performance while keeping your load low weighing only 21.5 oz. Carbon fiber construction has only made this scope more durable, lightweight, and shockproof. The magnification is 15-30x and objective is 50mm. The lens, however, is made of standard multi-coated glass.


  • Leupold 120375 GR: With a zoom range of 15-30x and an objective diameter of 50mm, this scope packs some great visual output and durable built quality using standard multicoat and carbon fiber construction. They are 100% waterproof and fog proof protecting in all weather.


  • Leupold Gold Ring 20-60x80mm: This is a high-end spotting scope from Leupold and is relatively expensive. However, you can spot in long distance with exceptional clarity, resolution, and color fidelity. With all top-notch features like Xtended twilight lens system, magnesium housing, DiamondCoat 2, front focal plane, this scope offers an unmatched optical performance. Add an optional impact reticle, and you have an MOA scale in the front focal plane for accurate measurement.


  • Leupold Golden Ring 20-60x80mm GR 120533: This spotting scope kit includes a rugged, hard-sided soft carrying case. It also packs all the high-end industry-leading features that Leupold has offered. These scopes are intended for the professional user. They are compact yet incredibly powerful for all applications.



Final Verdict: 

Last year, Leupold has revamped its Gold Ring spotting scope line, making it more powerful than ever before. Most of the Leupold products offer lead-free glass, meaning more environment-friendly scopes. Leupold products are made to withstand the toughest conditions with armored coating and rugged structure. They also maintain a very stringent manufacturing process, which is often referred to as “Synergy Built” by them. Another thing is Leupold products are made for lifetime use. However, Leupold scopes are not cheap as you won’t find any budget-friendly products. Rather, they care more about the performance and quality. So, people with a restricted budget should look elsewhere. And, please note that these scopes come with a lifetime guarantee, a symbol of their superb optics and holistic manufacturing process. Hence, if you are looking for all the aforementioned features, Leupold Golden Ring is a safe bet to go with.