Review of Razor HD Spotting Scope by Vortex Optics [2018]

When you ask about the best mid-range spotting scopes then Vortex products must appear on the list. This company has a wide range of amazing spotting scopes and it leads the mid-range market. Actually, it provides users with high quality optics and durable material without having to pay a fortune and for these reasons its scopes compete with high-end products making a very fair deal for buyers.

A well-known brand of Vortex is the Razor HD and it is called so because it gives a razor sharp quality and a precise resolution. You can find several Razor HD spotting scopes that vary in many features but they provide the same stunning optical performance.

Razor HD series include many products including: 16-48X65, 11-33X50, 20-60X85, 27-60X85. Let’s go through the pros of these products.

What are the key features of Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes?

High quality optics

All vortex products are known for their high quality optics that are precisely engineered into the scope to provide the best optical performance. Razor HD spotting scopes are equipped with a special one-of-a-kind optical system: the XRPlus fully multi-coated which has a powerful light transmission capacity and eliminates unpleasant light reflection.

In addition to that, the glasses used on Razor HD products are all HD lens elements with extra-low dispersion characteristic that reduces chromatic aberrations and delivers stunning contrast.

Razor HD scopes also include APO system which is a triplet apochromatic lens that combines with the HD glass in order to provide the sharpest color distinction.

Convenient configuration

The range of magnification that you will get on your Razor HD is totally convenient in the fiend. Especially for hunting or birding, you can get a 20-60X85, the one that will give you an outstanding magnification with the best brightness and the widest field of view (117ft at 1000 yards). You can also go for an 11-33X50 if you are looking for quality and precision over magnification and this tool will absolutely do it for you.

As a conclusion, I can say that configurations provided by Vortex are the best in the market since they guarantee a high magnification with a good clarity so it conserves high quality resolution. Besides, Razor HD products are available on different configurations so they can fit different needs and preferences.

Focusing system

Razor HD spotting scopes are equipped with a smart double focusing system: a macro knob which is responsible for fast focusing and a micro knob for the sharpest quality. Except for the 27-60X85 that has a helical focusing system and it is really useful for fast and precise focus.

Other interesting aspects

With the same traditional design, Vortex has succeeded in applying the newest technologies on the Razor HD spotting scopes. These products have some interesting features that every hunter needs on a day out.

First, the material used in the construction is of high quality and provides a guaranteed durability. Second, the smart rotating tripod ring allows a rotational adjustment of the scope when mounted on the tripod so it fits your position. Third, these scopes contain a built-in sunshade that eliminates the unpleasant glare that comes from sunlight as well as dust and rain. Finally, all Vortex products are water and fog proof thanks to O-ring seals and the argon gas purging.


After going through the most important features of Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes, it is time to take a look at the cons that make these items incomplete.

Cons of Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes

Portability issues

Good quality requires heavy materials and uncomfortable size but there are some techniques to avoid making extremely heavy and unsuitable products. Anyway, it turned out that this is not applied to Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes since the 27-60X85 weighs around 2 kilograms? THE 22-48X65 around 1600 grams and the exception comes with the compact 11-33X50 weighing only 700 grams.

For this reason, you will need to purchase a decent tripod separately because Vortex does not include tripods on its packs. Go for something durable and comfortable to get the best results.

Does not work well at very high magnification

Many users stated that the optics on Razor HD scopes are stunning at close distances but when you go up at magnification, you notice a huge decrease in quality and the image becomes fuzzy and blurry. Hunters want that peaky performance especially under rough conditions, low light and very high range but these spotting scopes unfortunately won’t fulfill this need because at some point, they become useless and the quality gets really disappointing. If you will be losing your scope for close ranges, then Vortex Razor HD is for you.


At the end, I should mention that Vortex is a widely reputable manufacturer and provides its customers with great deals especially on mid-range spotting scopes but still has its limits and most importantly, the quality versus price ratio on Vortex is unfair since you can find cheaper spotting scopes with the same qualities. Just check your product well before purchasing!