A Review of the Top Spotting Scopes for Mountain Hunting + Buying Guide

One of the most popular views among many hunters is that mountain hunting is the ultimate expression of hunting. You will be challenged at all levels, and nevertheless, the breathtaking experience that you are going to get is singular. Nothing matches this. However, as mountain hunting is very critical, definitely you want to keep only the best accessories with you.

When you are out to choose your spotting scope, you have to carefully think about the below-listed criteria. And, always remember choosing the right spotting scope can be a make-or-break issue.

  • Excellent optics: This is the most important aspect of your ideal spotting scope. Though you need a lightweight spotting scope, don’t compromise with optics quality. Top spotting scopes will often come with fluorite-coated, HD, or ED glass. They ensure better light capturing quality, and eventually, clear, crisp, and bright image. ED glass can reduce the chromatic aberration and edge distortion significantly. Here the catch is you will notice little to no performance drop in your spotting scope as you magnify higher, only if you choose excellent quality optics. But the cheap spotter will truly disappoint you.
  • Weight: Another critical issue for mountain hunting. You never want to make your backpack a burden. And, most importantly, hunting at height poses different challenges, and you really should keep your extra weight down in order to tackle them. Don’t go beyond 50-60 oz range. However, it will be great if you can get below this range. So, the important thing to consider while looking for a lightweight spotter is the front lens size and the level of magnification. In fact, the size of the objective diameter will exert heavy pressure on the weight. It’s better to stay on 65 mm objective lens, or preferably below it.
  • Built quality and weatherproofing: Having a spotting scope with great built quality will keep you worry-free for years. If you choose your spotter from a reliable brand, you don’t have to worry about the built quality.


Recommended Products: You are already overwhelmed by the sheer number of spotting scopes in the market. However, this definitive guide will walk you through the confusing steps of selecting your dream spotting scope.


Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope: Bushnell Trophy Xtreme is a great spotting scope, especially mountain hunting. This amazing, lightweight, reliable spotting scope comes with a 12-36x adjustable magnification and 50 mm objective lens. The built quality of this spotting scope is brilliant; the multi-coated optics increase the light transmission greatly, meaning better optical performance. The spotting scope is absolutely waterproof and fog proof. Also, the shock-absorbing rubber armor adds more reliability. An interesting thing about this spotting scope is that you can get different versions of the same spotting scope, with variable zoom up to 60x.

When you take a look at this spotting scope, you may think that the objective lens size is pretty smaller. However, remember your actual need. For mountain hunting, this works just fine. Without weighing much, this spotter delivers the ultimate performance you need. And, this spotting scope weighs only 21.5 ounces, making it an ultra-lightweight performer in all situation.

Although the scope comes with tripod, car mount, soft carrying case, and other accessories, the tripod is short and is likely to disappoint you. Also, the 14 mm eye relief may seem less than adequate in some situations.


 Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope: You have probably guessed about the spotting scope’s quality and performance from the name. Vortex has done an excellent job with this spotting scope. Featuring an adjustable magnification of 20-60x and objective lens of 60mm, Diamondback is your ultimate choice when you need a heavyweight performer in an ultra-light package. You will get fully multi-coated optics along with a built-in sunshade, both ensuring a better light transmission and a crystal-clear image.

The twist-and-lock-collar feature from Vortex is intuitive, allowing you to glass in different positions. The powerful zoom eyepiece and easy to use focus wheel will surely meet your demand. Vortex Optics Diamondback is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, giving you the best-in-class water and fog proofing experience.

Well, the Diamondback optics provide a bright and clear image throughout the magnification range. Unlike other spotting scopes, it will not drop performance in a critical situation like higher magnification, low or bright light. And, the rugged construction will allow your spotting scope to withstand any kind of weather anytime. In fact, weighing 33.8 oz, this spotting scope can make your trip more enjoyable. However, the downsides are its price, which may seem a bit higher than average. Also, don’t expect a smooth focusing beyond 150 yards.


SVBONY SV13 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope: Unlike other spotting scopes in the list, this one is a bit larger at an affordable price. For the prism and objective lens, you will get fully multicoated optics. Altogether the optics quality is great and ensures great light transmission. The 80 mm objective lens might seem overkill for the purpose, and it also adds some extra weight on your spotting scope.

This spotting scope is completely waterproof for 30 minutes under the water. Also, the O-ring sealed built quality ensures its safety against moisture, dust, and harsh weather. The shock-absorbing rubber armor increases the durability of the spotter significantly. One great thing about this spotting scope is it has an adjustable viewing angle, which is really a handy feature to have.

Well, this is not a super heavyweight performer. But think about the price and once you get this, you will never be disappointed.


Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope with Another great spotting scope. It features a 12-36x adjustable variable zoom and objective lens of 50mm. Don’t get fooled by the magnification number while shopping a spotting scope. The larger is not necessarily the better. In fact, with the large magnification, you will have many difficulties like optical performance drop, bulky.

The optical lens is truly awesome with fully multicoated optics and BAK4 prism material. In fact, this combination ensures better image quality and clarity in all situations. Along with rubber armor construction, you will get retractable eyepiece, expandable sunshade, no-slip comfort molded grip.

This scope is really great for general purpose mountain hunting. You will get lifetime support from the company, and it comes with some necessary accessories. In such an affordable price, it’s really hard to beat Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope.


Finally, the above list is comprehensive in all aspects. Go through them and you will instantly recognize your ideal spotting scope. And, remember that the optical quality is the catch here. Don’t get fooled by the misleading advertisements. Knowing beforehand about what to expect can win the day for you.