Why Binoculars are Essential If You’re Going Out to Sea

Sailing and navigating on a boat can be a fun, enjoyable, pleasurable and an exciting experience to everyone, especially those who loves aquatic adventures or sea farers. Some even enjoy boating and yachting a simple yet very exciting kind of a pastime. More families are also making sailing and boating a bonding moment for them to reconnect with each other and the nature. Whatever your purpose to why you are engaged in boating or sailing is, you really need a good pair of binoculars for you to navigate the vast and wide seas with confidence. Navigating using a good pair of marine binoculars is sometimes a neglectable skill at first. However, you really need to practice navigating with the help of such tool so that you can be safe and confident while on the water and know what you need to do if, God forbid, anything wrong happens or comes in. Let’s discuss the importance of navigating the wide and vast seas using a good pair of marine binoculars and why it is a very important skill to which every sea farer or sea enthusiasts must learn.

To see things more clearly

It is very important that you see things around your boat very clearly and vividly. Day markers and buoys are small things that helps you locate yourself while in the vast seas. It also directs you to the nearest port or landing station from your location. If ever you get lost in your way throughout the wide waters, you can look for day markers and buoys around you.

Looking for the nearest light houses from your location can also be helpful if you have got a pair of marine binoculars handy. Light houses emit light from its top to guide sea farers to the main land and is a great help for lost sea men especially at night.

However, if you did not see by any chance any of the three stated above then you can get help from the stars above the sky to determine your present location and get to the nearest shore. Using a map and your nifty marine binoculars, you can look for some constellations or locate the North Star, connect it with the present day and your estimated location from the shore to locate the nearest way to the land.

Having a pair of marine binoculars with a built in compass and rangefinder reticles is very helpful for any of the aforementioned cases. First, a compass can let you know if the direction these day markers, buoys or light houses are located. A rangefinder reticle is also a very helpful tool as it can determine your estimated distance from a certain object by just determining its height and angle and calculating using basic geometry and trigonometry skills.

To spot storms and strong winds and avoid them

Strong winds and storms can be a very dangerous situation for you and everyone onboard a certain sea vehicle. Often times, it can also be fatal. That is why you should avoid going to storms and strong winds as much as possible.

While storms can be pretty much everywhere, they are most usually seen at the Pacific Ocean. There are also different categories for storms depending on what ocean did they form. Storms are called typhoons when they formed at the Pacific Ocean, Hurricanes when they were formed at the Atlantic Ocean, Cyclone when they were formed at the Indian Ocean.

Using a good pair of marine binoculars, you can easily spot an ongoing storm or strong winds so you can avoid them. You can even make it much easier by using barometers and wind vanes. But as much as possible, always check the current local weather before starting your aquatic adventure.

Avoid hitting hard surfaces and the shore

By using a good pair of marine binoculars, you can see or estimate the distance from the shore to your current location. Again, the job can be made easier if you got marine binoculars with built in compass and rangefinder reticles. By doing so, you can start decelerating or lowering the speed of your yacht or boat while you are approaching the shoreline or the main land. This way, you avoid hitting your boat against a hard surface or the land or hit people sunbathing or swimming at the shoreline.

Avoid hitting at other vehicles on the water

Who says that vehicular accidents only occur on land? Collision between two sea vehicles can also occur while on the wide seas. Common cause of these accidents includes not seeing other sea vehicles on the water because of lack of marine binoculars. By using a good pair of marine binoculars, you can spot other sea vehicles in your vicinity and avoid them at all costs. Seeing them while they are still far can also give you and ample time to do a quick turn or decelerate your water craft. Remember that there are now many loves claimed by sea accidents so you must avoid one at all costs.

Enjoy watching wildlife while onboard

The beauty of the sea can only be seen when you are in the middle of it. Enjoy the views of the sea, the flying birds, the swimming fishes, and even the leaping whales, dolphins and flying fishes even better by using a good pair of marine binoculars. This way, you really get to enjoy your whole boating experience and reconnect with nature.

Spot fishes in the water and get more catch

Maybe the best reason why you go boating is because you wanted to catch the freshest fish. You can clearly see schools of fishes or a certain specie by using a good pair of marine binoculars and you’ll enjoy fishing great catches in no time.

There are so many activities which you can do while on the water. Boating is a really enjoyable activity that everyone must experience. And the great tool you will need is a good pair of binoculars. Make sure you have the best marine binoculars to keep yourself safe on the water while enjoying the beauty of it.