Binoculars are a highly versatile tool that let you see things closer and be able to discern a lot more detail than you would be able to using only the naked eye.

Their distinguishing feature are that they have two barrels, one for each eye, unlike telescopes, spotting scopes etc. This allows one to use both eyes while looking through, which feels natural and also provides stereoscopic vision. This in turn means that you get some depth perception and your brain has more visual information to work with.

Most binoculars are highly portable, some will even fit in your pocket. You can use them by simply holding them in your hands. There are some specialized binoculars though, that are just too big or have too powerful magnification, and have to be supported on something like a tripod.

Though fundamentally all binoculars are the same – they have lenses that magnify the image, prisms that turn the image upright and eyepieces which beam the image into your eyes – the price range is huge. It goes from $10 kids’ binos all the way to $3000+ professional top of the line items from elite optics brands.

Different shapes and sizes, as well as extra features, also make different models suitable for different tasks. For example, although you can use cheap compact binoculars while out at sea on a boat, you’ll be much better off with a professional marine product.

In this category, we review different binoculars by application, by brand and by features to help you find the best product choices for your particular circumstances.

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