A Review of Kowa TSN-770 Series Spotting Scopes for 2018

Looking for a standard full-sized spotting scope with a large, oversized objective along with premium optical quality? Then, Kowa TSN-770 series can satiate your need. These scopes from the legendary Kowa encompasses mainly two important aspects of an ideal spotting scope: portable yet so compact and superior optical performance like an 80mm scope. It is, in fact, hard to find this type of capable spotting scope of such diminutive size, with the length not exceeding 13.5 inches. And, when you buy a Kowa spotting scope, you never really have to worry about their optical superiority. There are features like extra-low dispersion fluorite glass which is unique to Kowa. Thus, buying any of the scopes from this extraordinary series will clearly redefine your idea of clarity and superior image that a very best spotting scope can produce.

Series Overview:

There are two main products in this line of 77m scope: TSN-773 and TSN-774. Both of them comes with either angled or straight viewing body. You can choose any of them depending on your specific requirement. With the introduction of TSN-770 and TSN-880, Kowa has regained their leading role in the market of the spotting scope. Kowa TSN-770 series has garnered much applaud from many professionals and veterans. In fact, these TSN-770 series scopes are highly capable of outclassing even 88m scopes from other top vendors. Noticeably, these scopes will produce brighter, high-contrast images, that will make you rethink about the clarity that a spotting scope can produce. Even when the evening light began to fade, you don’t have to pack your bag for that day thanks to these scopes which can function equally even in low-light condition. It will amaze you with stellar flat-field performance, without distorting the image right to the very edge of the field. However, keeping an eye on them may distract you, for these scopes clearly takes you one step closer to the reality and feel the image up to the very minor detail.

The extra-low dispersion prominar glass is way far ahead of today’s standard spotting scope lenses. You can forget about the chromatic aberration and blurred image forever. Only bright and high-contrast image with perfectly vivid color will be on your sight. The lenses, as always, are made of eco glass process which is absolutely metal free.

These scopes give you one more flexibility choice: you can buy as many eyepieces as you want to fit your own need or preference. Note that, you need to buy them separately if you need extra eyepieces. Both the scopes of this series weigh 53.6 ounces or less. Despite featuring a large 77m objectives, these spotting scopes have done something truly amazing by delivering such compact and lightweight package housing unmatched optical power.

The built quality is also state-of-the-art, thanks to the rugged construction of magnesium alloy. Made of lightweight polycarbonate materials, these scopes are designed to be used for a lifetime hard use. Filled with dried Nitrogen and JIS class 7 protection will ensure the highest safety from rain and fog, giving you more freedom in all weather.

Popular Products:

TSN-773/774 both are known for their optical superiority, and the lenses are made of special coatings that allow higher reflectivity than other metals. The angled body will weigh a little lower at 46.9 ounces while the straight one will weigh 53.6 ounces. But, you can ignore such a little difference. You can choose from multiple interchangeable eyepieces, and they will offer 20-60X magnification, 30X wide angle, and 25X long eye relief model. However, the scopes do not come with built-in eyepieces, and you have to purchase them separately. Another useful feature is eyepiece locking mechanism that will secure your eyepiece while in use. Digiscoping can easily be done in these scopes, and Kowa offers a wide variety of adapters for digiscoping (not included). Add sliding sunshade with all these features, and you will get the best optical experience in an ergonomic and ultra-compact spotting scope of modern time.

Final Verdict:

Kowa TSN-770 series offers exceptional clarity, astounding resolution, and stellar contrast image with a large 77m objectives. Yet, they are super lightweight, giving you an opportunity to pack a killing scope in your backpack anytime, anywhere. These scopes, needless to say, comes with limited lifetime warranty. If you are a perfectionist with an extremely meticulous pair of eye and need to spot beyond 500 meters, TSN-770 is what you have been looking for. Take my word for it: except price, there are no cons, and you will never regret buying these scopes.