Reviews of Spotting Scopes

The range of spotting scopes that are available for purchase nowadays is huge, and so is the range of prices. It can be quite difficult to navigate all the possible options and decide on the best possible one to buy.

If you just read the manufacturer specs and product descriptions, you might think that a $50 scope is just as good as a $3000 one. They all have “high quality optics” with all the coatings, phase corrections etc to produce “stunning quality images” and so on. A manufacturer will gladly tell you that you can zoom in all the way to 60x, but they won’t tell you that at that power, the tool becomes almost unusable due to blurring or so dim it’s almost like viewing at night.

So inevitably, you’ll have to rely on spotting scope reviews in order to be able to make a good buying decision. A great source of information are user reviews on sites such as Amazon. People who have bought the item (which you can see when they’re marked as a “verified buyer”) share all sorts of information about their spotter scopes in their reviews that you might not even consider. If a product tends to arrive with lens defects, somebody will mention it. And if the optics really are stunning and let you see tiny details at immense distances, that is also likely to come through.

Here, in this part of the website, we review a wide range of scopes from different manufacturers. We do in-depth research into all the models, and extract the most important information from the user feedback and compile it into simple and easy to understand buying advice. See below for the latest articles in this section to find the ones that interest you most.

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