A Review of the Ventana Spotting Scope Series from Leupold [2018]

Even the cheapest Leupold spotters out there are not actually cheap, for you get a decent scope with premium quality and a lifetime guarantee. In fact, you should not expect such rugged construction with amazing color fidelity and edge-to-edge clarity in a cost-friendly package. However, the Leupold Ventana Spotting Scope can be friendlier for those who are on a tight budget yet want to taste the premium feel and optical superiority of Leupold. Ventana series features some great mid-tier spotting scopes and is affordable for those who don’t want to spend extra bucks. The optical quality is exquisite and these scopes are very compact, letting you carry your favorite scope to anywhere you want.


As it has been mentioned earlier that this spotting scope line is, rather, a mid-tier series. So, you will get some decent features like smooth focusing, twist-up eyecups, and generous eye relief for comfortable viewing. While many spotters under-perform in bright light or sunny day, the Leupold Ventana series will excel in this area, thanks to the retractable lens shade. This lens shade will minimize glare and also protect your scope in adverse weather. The rugged aluminum housing will provide very durable built quality, and the rubber armor coating will deliver positive grasp for all hands. A built-in 1/4-20 tripod adapter will lessen your hassle and make it tripod ready instantly. As usual, Leupold’s proprietary nitrogen filling process guarantees absolutely waterproof and fog proof spotters. And, this protection has become the industry standard, protecting your spotting scope in all weather conditions.


When it comes to clarity of the spotters, Leupold is a top name, and you must admit it. Leupold’s spotters offer proven performance in all situations, and thus, they’ve been trusted by many military sniper teams across the globe. So, you can expect a superior level of clarity from these scopes. However, you need to remember that the optical performance of a spotting scope is often solely dependent on the hardware quality and its price. Leupold Ventana is mid-tier spotters for supporting a decent level of clarity, but don’t expect it to work miracle. As you magnify higher, you will see a drop off in the performance of every spotter, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You may notice blurring in the highest zoom range. But, these minor problems are quite acceptable, and they won’t even bother you.

Products in the Series:

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 15-45x60mm

With a magnification ranging from 15-45x and an objective diameter of 60mm, this spotter bags a fully multi-coated glass to provide decent level of clarity, resolution, and color fidelity. This angled spotting scope also has a retractable lens shade and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The lens has guard-ion coating, meaning it repels anything from water to fingerprint.

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80mm

A more powerful straight scope with a large objective of 80mm and a magnification of 20-60x. This scope combines sleek and compact design with superior optical quality in a reasonable price tag. This armored coated scope also features a generous eye relief of 26.4-24mm. Not to mention, other standard features described above are all included. However, there is an optional Kit, meaning you can buy this product as a stand-alone spotting scope. The optional Kit contains compact adjustable tripod (with a multi-directional tilting head and non-slip feet), soft case, hard side carrying case, neoprene strap and lens covers for your convenience.

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80 Angled

This spotting scope is actually a variant of the previous one. But, it will come with an angled viewing body. In fact, deciding which one is better between angled and straight spotting scopes can be very tricky depending on your requirement. However, if you are looking for a versatile glassing position and superior neck relief, go for the angled variant. Other features are completely same. You’ll get a magnification of 20-60x and 80mm oversized objective. The optical performance is brilliant, and it’s compact enough to carry everywhere. 


If performance is your main concern and you want to bag a spotter with top-class optical service, you can definitely rely on Leupold Ventana series. With exceptional “synergy” built quality, you can avail something fantastic from Leupold at an affordable price. However, don’t expect features like DiamondCoat 2, Xtended Twilight lens system in this price range. This is a mid-tier series after all. What you can expect from these spotting scopes is a great value for your money, and you won’t worry about your spotter in a while for the generous lifetime guarantee from Leupold.