What are the Best Binoculars to Take to a Concert, Outdoors or Indoors

Attending concerts to see your favorite singer, orchestra, choir or rock band perform can be an exhilarating experience. We always want to capture every second of the performance to keep it as a treasured memory. Whether the concert is indoors or outdoors, sometimes we might find ourselves standing or sitting so far away that we can’t quite see what’s going on on the stage. The best solution is to purchase binoculars that will bring you closer to the action.

Binoculars were invented with the sole purpose of enabling us to see further than what our naked eye can. I have prepared a list of five binoculars that have the best features specifically meant to add positively to your viewing experience. I will also look into specifications you should be on the look-out for in binoculars to make sure you get a device that will offer exceptional service, will be easy to carry around, durable, and lastly, one that you can use for other activities like birding and wildlife watching (there won’t be concerts to go to daily so finding a multi-purpose pair of binoculars is a great win).

Recommended binoculars

This gadget is highly recommended because, apart from being relatively cheap and small, it has the ability to deliver high-quality images. With its large field of view, you can be assured that you will not miss any action on stage. You can change the focus easily to bring the stage into sharp view.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry around in your hands, or you can use the neck strap that comes with it for easy retrieval when you need to use it. Perhaps one of its best features is the fact that it can tolerate some water splashes and fog, making it perfect to use in case non-favorable weather conditions like rain.

Wingspan makes very good optics for the price. The Spectator 8X32 is a great example of that. They’re made using BaK-4 prisms which is superior to other glass types thus guaranteeing clear and bright images.


  • Nice field of view for the size, enabling one to see across the stage
  • Produces clear bright images
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • Compact size making it easy to carry around
  • Comes with a non-slip feature which enables one to grip the binoculars firmly without fear of it falling.


  • A 32mm objective lens diameter indicates that the binocular is a bit larger than its more compact rivals with an objective lens diameter of 25mm and below.
  • Lacks the ability to withstand full water submersion
  • The eye relief of 14.8mm may be okay for some eyeglass wearers, but troublesome for others.

Feedback from people who have used the Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32

A majority of the users are excited about the binoculars stating that it was a good value for their money. Some of the features that stood out are; anyone can use it including children and the elderly, the lenses are very sharp, very modern, and that the optics are easy to adjust to suit an individual’s needs. According to the reviews, most people are elated with the product, some terming it ‘a wise purchase.’

Some of the users were not thrilled about the weight of the device as it is a little heavy for its size while others were disappointed that they could not go into the water with it due to lack of waterproof features.

Why would a person want a binocular and how to choose one?

When you love engaging in specific activities like sports games, going on hikes, hunting, birding, or even enjoying the pleasures of attending concerts, it can sometimes be hard to see things using only your eyes, like a bird on a tree at a distance or to catch a glimpse of that rock star’s face on stage. Binoculars make it easier by bringing that image 4, 6,8,10, 12 or even 16 times closer to you.

For a concert attendee, be on the look-out for these features in binoculars:

Magnification and objective lens size: Let’s take the Wingspan Optics 8x32 bino above as an example. The first number is the magnification and it shows how much the view is magnified by. In this case, it is eight times so the image will appear eight times closer than it is. The 32 refers to the diameter of the lenses in millimeters. A bigger diameter means more light comes in allowing for brighter and sharper images. The bigger the diameter, the bigger and heavier the binoculars.

Keep in mind though: even though a concert setting may seem dark, e.g. in a dimmed concert hall or outside late in the evening after sunset, you will be looking a brightly lit stage and that’s what matters. You don’t need large objectives for concert binos because the thing you’re looking at is well lit.

Field of view: this is the entire area covered by binoculars image. Usually expressed as the width in feet at 1000 yards. For example: 400 feet at 1000yards. A large field of view translates into seeing more at the same distance and the same magnification.

Eye relief: this is the maximum distance from your eye to the eyepiece that enables you to see images clearly. Placing your eye further than the recommended distances causes shadowing images. Make sure you get the right eye relief from the manufacturer’s specifications – this is important for people who wear glasses – they will need at least 15mm but preferably more.

Portability: attending a concert requires you to be free to move around and enjoy the performance. While purchasing a binocular, you needs to make sure that it is light enough to carry around and small enough to fit in your bag, pocket or wherever you intend to carry it.

Porro prism vs. roof prism: these are two common designs for binos. Roof prism binoculars are more popular, expensive and durable than Porro prism binoculars. For spectator events, get either roof prisms or special “reverse Porro” ones as they are more compact than traditional Porro binos.

Roof prisms are placed in straight tubes, making the binoculars more compact. They usually take on an H shape, while classical Porro prisms make the objectives spaced further apart than the eyes. Reverse Porro binos have objectives closer together than your eyes, making them particularly compact.

Outdoor vs. indoors concerts

A majority of decent binoculars will deliver high-quality images in good lighting. To have that fantastic experience, find binoculars that can also work well in a low-light surrounding. To pick out the best, use the exit pupil measurements by dividing the objective lens size by the magnification. A number higher than 5 suggests excellent performance. This will guarantee an amazing time whether on an indoor or outdoor concert.

For an indoor concerts, you’ll probably want a product that’s really compact and light. The distance to the stage isn’t that great and you can get away with lower magnification and better FOV. Have a look at models with 4x, 6x and up to 8x magnification.

For an outdoor concert you can probably get a somewhat bigger and more powerful device, since it’s easier to carry it around outdoors and the stage may be further away. An 8x magnification bino is probably ideal. Also keep in mind the possibility of bad weather, so make sure your bino is fog and waterproof, otherwise it can get ruined.

Let’s have a look at some other great options to consider for your next event:


This gadget produces some of the best high-contrast images in its category of cheap and compact binoculars. It has BaK-4 prism and anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics that enables a user to view images that are bright, clear, and the color is presented in high-definition. Its generous field of view of 429 feet at 1000 yards makes it easy to see the entire stage from a distance.

The best thing about them is that they fold. This makes it much easier to carry them in a bag or even a jacket pocket – don’t expect them to fit into a shirt pocket though.

The dual hinge design permits quick folding and easy carrying and storage. It also has a large interpupillary distance adjustment making it applicable to use for both adults and children. Carrying and moving around with it is made easier by the fact that it is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


  • It is compact and light making is a perfect choice for concerts
  • Crisp, bright, and clear images
  • Low price for one looking for a functional gadget on a budget
  • Easy to use focus knob for adjustments
  • Ability to be used on a variety of activities like sports watching, hunting, concerts, birding, and hiking


  • Unattached lens covers that are fragile making them easy to lose
  • Small lens meaning lower performance in low light
  • The eyepiece pulls back after extending for eye relief which makes it easy for the ocular lens to fog undesirably if the user has a warm and sweaty face (though this problem is not limited to this bino)

The outstanding feature for this device is its enormous field of view of 900 feet at 1000 yards. For a concert attendee, this means that you can see from one end of the stage to the next including everything in-between. To add to that, it has fully coated optics for flawless and crisp views.

The magnification is a mere 4x, but this is what enables the FOV and is actually great for a setting such as a concert or sports game.

It is rubber armored for better grip and durability. Its focus-free nature makes it easy to use without having to adjust focus all the time. You also get a strap to use for carrying it around the neck, and a protective case.


  • Extra wide field of view
  • No need to focus
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Excellent for concerts
  • Performs great in low-light environments


  • Not ideal for people who use glasses
  • Poor close focus (observing small things really close by)
  • Quite heavy


A very similar model to the above, also from Bushnell. With focus-free convenience and an extra wide field of view, you will be sure to capture every action on the stage as it happens when attending a concert. The Bushnell 4X30 Spectator has a fully coated optical system that allows superior light transmission causing images to appear bring, clear and crisp. This gadget will enable you to enjoy the performance regardless of your location on the stands.


  • Has huge wide of view of 900 feet at 1000 yards that permits for a person to see the whole stage
  • Relatively low price
  • A high exit pupil indicates excellent performance when in low light
  • High-quality images


  • Is a bit on the heavy side
  • Poor close focus thus not ideal for birders or insect watching

If you are going to an outdoor concert and it happens to rain, this device will definitely come in handy. It is 100% waterproof and has a rubber armor that protects it from shock and slipping from the hands. The BaK-4 prism facilitates brighter and clearer images. To get sharper focus, there is a large center focus knob that makes it easy and quick to adjust.


  • Lightweight making them easier to carry
  • Foldable: can fit in a pocket
  • 100% waterproof making it perfect for unfavorable weather conditions
  • Easy adjustments to get a focused view
  • Cheap. Great value for money


  • Comes with a bag that wasn’t well thought out. It looks weak and can easily tear
  • Shaking disrupts image viewing due to a small exit pupil and large magnification


So the next time you go for a concert don’t miss out on all the cool stuff going on on stage. Join in on the fun by making sure nothing gets past you with any of these incredible binoculars. You will be able to see everything that happens on stage from the picking of a guitar string to the emotions of the singer’s face.