Rangefinder Binoculars – How to Make the Right Choice, The First Time

Rangefinder binocular used in the outdoorsRangefinder binoculars is a purchase you don’t want to mess up.

They’re expensive!

And if you are a passionate hunter or a range shooter, rangefinder binoculars will be one of the most useful tools in your gear bag. Who on earth wouldn’t want to get the exact distance to the target right from the binocular while hunting or shooting at the range?

So we’ll help you with not messing this one up.

We review and pick apart 9 different options. Only you will know which ones are the best rangefinder binoculars for you, but we’ll tell you what you need to know to make that decision.

Here we go! Reviews of 10 best rangefinder binoculars to buy in 2020:

Top Recommendation – The Perfect All-Rounder You Won’t Regret

Nikon has introduced high-performing binoculars with 1900-yards laser rangefinder with all the expected amazing features like fully multilayer-coated lenses and prism, waterproof and fogproof design, plus incline or decline technology. The ID technology will compensate for distances for any angle up to 89 degrees, and let you know the horizontal component distance along with the distance to the target, which is an impressive result for the rangefinders with the same value. This rangefinding binocular is primarily designed for hunting but can be used for other purposes too. For the relatively affordable price, Nikon Laserforce is one of the most popular choices.


Great Choice! (If You Have the Money…)

A superb binocular from Zeiss with an integrated real-time ballistics calculator. Zeiss Victory RF can measure up to 2500 yards distance with superior accuracy. The binoculars can also be synchronized with the Zeiss Hunting App via Bluetooth to transfer the data. The eye relief cups, however, may get stuck – some users have had to get them repaired. The rangefinding Zeiss Victory RF may also seem a little slow compared to other laser rangefinder binoculars but the accuracy is worth it. This high-end device has variations both for daylight and twilight usage. The Zeiss Victory RF is also waterproof and fog proof.


An Even Better Choice! (If You Have Even More Money…)

EL Range binoculars and rangefinder from Swarovski Optics is one of the top rangefinder binoculars you can find on the market. It provides a high-quality image, a 330 feet at 1000 yards wide field of view, ergonomic design, and a measuring range from 33 to 1500 yards. It’s quite comfortable to use due to the wrap-around grip and considerably balanced weight and flexible straps. Those straps, however, are attached by click-lock buttons, which may seem easy-to-use at the beginning, which may not be safe. The price is quite high, which is another con for this binocular, but the great features it offers compensate for it.


Nice and Budget-Friendly, Even If from a Lesser-Known Brand

The company set a goal to produce accurate laser rangefinder binoculars to put on the market and they have been doing a great job. The new Knight LRF1800 can be used from 5 yards up to 1800 yards, with the superb accuracy of +/- 1 meter and less than 1 degree for the angle. This is a great result when it comes to laser binoculars. Unlike many other devices, Knight LRF1800 works fine in low light and can surely be used in bad weather conditions due to O-ring sealed lenses and lens caps that make it waterproof and protect the mechanism from debris. The device is quite affordable and available on Amazon. Snypex Knight is surely one of the best laser rangefinding binoculars out in the market.


Solid Brand, Solid Product

Using fully multi-coated optics and a Bak-4 Prism, the Fusion 1-Mile ARC is a good choice among laser rangefinding binocular models. Good-enough clarity, waterproof coating, and eye relief design make these binoculars very useful especially for the low price it costs. It has a reasonable weight and is easy to carry with you while hunting. Hunting enthusiasts will find the angle range compensation (ARC) function useful for distance measurement on an incline.


A Decent Option, But Possibly Not the Best for the Price

Fully multi-coated HD optical system, a maximum range of 1600 yards (effective range 1000 yards), 42mm objective lenses, O-ring sealed, waterproof, fogproof, and anti-reflecting coating. These and other good enough specifics are all about the Vortex Optics Fury HD 10x42 binocular making it a good instrument to use in any weather and different uses. However, these binoculars were created and designed for hunters. The RF binoculars come with ultra-hard exterior lens coatings, which protects the lenses perfectly from scratching and oil and dust sticking to them. This ensures a clear view for a long time. Vortex Optics Fury HD Laser is affordable compared to other 10X42 laser rangefinder binoculars with the same features, but the range is shorter than higher end models.


Built Like a Tank, But Light!

There is an opinion that no other binocular can be better than that of produced by Steiner, so let’s see what they offer. Steiner LRF 1700 laser rangefinder binoculars are here to claim that Steiner is one of the best manufacturers of binoculars on the market.
It is a fairly compact binocular at the expense of objective lens size, which makes the usage of these binoculars difficult in low light conditions, but durability is where almost no other binoculars can beat the Steiner. It is also completely waterproof and can be immersed up to 16 feet underwater. The laser rangefinder works for a distance of up to 1859 yards with a field of view of 374 ft at 1000 yards. The extremely clear image makes the binoculars exceed your expectations.


Top Optics Brand, a Tad Expensive

Geovid HD-B 3000 from the Leica brand are high-class binoculars with a built-in 3000-yard rangefinder. In addition, it also has a ballistic calculator which is extremely useful. The binoculars offer fantastic optics (this is Leica after all), accuracy, and durability, which makes them a good choice for hunters. The LED display automatically adjusts to light conditions and may cause a little difficulty when you want to adjust it manually. Also, make sure to be careful about the lens covers, as they may fall off occasionally. Despite these minor cons, Leica Geovid HD-B 3000 is almost unmatched.


Maybe You Don’t Need a Laser?

While a lot of people are ready to pay a remarkable amount of money for the best laser rangefinder binocular, there is a wide choice for those who want to pay a lower price. Instead of a laser binocular, you can go for binoculars with a range finding reticle. You’ll have to know the size of the target in order to calculate the line of sight distance. This is where brands like USCAMEL come in. Their waterproof HD binoculars with a built-in reticle range finder is good enough to give a try. You can measure the distance to targets pretty accurately. The image quality is good enough and the binoculars are still fairly durable and are nitrogen purged. Still, it costs about 20% of the majority of other rangefinder binoculars.


Rangefinder Binoculars: A Buying Guide

With a market full of different types of binoculars and rangefinders, it is not an easy job to find the one that matches your needs best. Here are a few specifications to look for:

  1. Optics: When looking for RF binoculars, most people pay attention to rangefinding features, but the optics are no less important. It’s recommended to get binoculars between 8x and 10x magnification for a common device for hunting or other uses. If magnification is less than 8x, it won’t probably be enough, in case it is more than 10x, it will be hard to hold steady.
  2. Rangefinder: First, you should know the average distance you need to measure, especially if you have a limited budget. A cost-friendly RF binocular would work find for distances less than 1000 yards, but if you need more, you’d want to get a high-end one. The distance that a laser rangefinder can measure depends on whether you’re looking at reflective targets or other targets.
  3. Durability: Rangefinder binoculars are used in the outdoor under different circumstances, e.g. hunting, so it’s important to get durable ones. Make sure your binoculars are waterproof and fog proof, have fully multi-coated optics and are made of good materials.
  4. Additional features: Best RF binoculars often have an in-built ballistic calculator, compass, ID technology and other features that may be handy for you.

Modern technologies have resulted in great binoculars combining them with a laser rangefinding system and other features. The market is full of such binoculars and you should pay attention to a range of features to find the best one. Brands like Nikon, Swarovski, Steiner, Zeiss, and others produce the best high-end rangefinder binoculars. There are also low-cost products produced by trustful brands like Barska and USCAMEL. Some of them come with a case, tripod, and other useful tools. Our best pick is Nikon Laserforce RF Binocular with an affordable price and amazing features.