Athlon Optics Binoculars: Review for 2018

A great binocular is often your best companion and can make any outing more enjoyable than ever before. In fact, your wildlife viewing, nature observing, or any outdoor task remain unfulfilled without a pair of binoculars. Thus, binocular became the most popular optical instruments throughout the world. 

About Athlon

Athlon Optics is an American company whose primary goal is to provide high-grade sports optics and accessories for the outdoor market. Although they have other products like riflescopes, rangefinders, red dot sights, spotting scopes, they are very popular for their binoculars. One of the best thing about Athlon Optics is they provide accessories at a very competitive price, thanks to the quality manufacturing process and precise engineering. 

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Binocular

Binocular is your best companion when it comes to any outing. You can get your objects closer to your eyes with the help of binoculars. Tourists, hunters, mountain climbers, wildlife observer, or anyone just hanging out or kayaking may need a binocular. Though binoculars are popular among all sorts of users, the number behind how the binoculars work still remains mysterious to people. But the technical specifications are not that intimidating if you take a closer look through them.

  • Magnification: Generally, binoculars are accompanied by two numbers. The first of them indicates magnification level and the second number denotes the objective lens diameter. Simply the magnification means how much larger an object can be seen through the binocular. You’ve probably started to think the greater the magnification, the better the binocular. But in reality, it’s not so simple. It’s often hard to focus steadily with greater magnification and the optical quality gets degraded severely.
  • Objective Lens: As it has been said earlier, the second number means the diameter of the objective lens, which is often measured in millimeter. For example, in a 10x42 binocular, the magnification level is 10 while the diameter of the front lens is 42mm. It places the lens, meaning it helps in gathering light. The same rule applies here too. Since the front lens of a binocular will take the most of the spaces, it will gradually increase the weight of the binocular as the diameter increases.
  • Weight, Size, and Portability: Weight and size are one of the most important things when it comes to choosing your right pair of binoculars. For a certain outing you will definitely look for portable optical instruments. Another problem with bulkier options is you may need a tripod for using longer duration. So, all you need to do is a balance between your demand and portability.
  • Price and Optical Quality: Both are directly proportional to each other. Don’t expect a top-notch product at a cheap price. The coatings of the lens and quality of the glasses used in the binocular mostly determine the price of the binocular. For example, a binocular with fully multi-coated lens and extra-low dispersion glass will definitely go to cost a lot. So be sure to spend a significant amount when quality is your main concern. And, even if stuffed with lots of features, a cheap product will show its poor performance explicitly.

You have to be aware of certain facts while buying binoculars: falling in the trap for cheap advertisements, not considering the proper demands, looking for low-priced options. Check the listed features of your binoculars and then decide whether to buy or not. Let’s move on to Athlon binoculars reviews and see their primary series, what features they offers etc.


Athlon Binoculars: Review of Models

Athlon Optics, Midas 8 x 42 ED: Compact, powerful, and reliable. What more can you ask of a binocular? This binocular has an 8x magnification level along with a 42mm front lens, weighing only 1.56lbs. This roof prism binocular is light and slim, which is mostly possible for magnesium chassis and superior built-quality. The best thing about this binocular is it comes with ED glass lenses. In case you are wondering, ED glass helps you to obtain an image which is bright and clear, and without any chromatic aberration. Since it can eliminate chromatic aberration, you will get the best color fidelity that you can imagine.

ESP dielectric prism coating is another great feature that the binocular boast of. Long story short, it reflects around 99% of the light to your eyes. Thus, you get a brighter and sharper image with accurate color reproduction. You also get an advanced fully multi-coated optics and phase corrected BAK4 prism. In fact, this instrument has everything to deliver the stupendous level of clarity.

This binocular is absolutely water and fog proof since it is Argon-purged. The only downside of this binocular is its price. Probably you will get binocular in a lot cheaper price. But keep in mind about the quality of the optics.

Athlon Optics, Cronus, 10 x 42: Another splendid binocular from Athlon. This above-the-line binocular is really powerful in a compact package. With a generous 10x magnification range and 42mm objective diameter, Cronus 10x42 is something that can fulfill all your dreams.

The best thing about this binocular is it’s equipped with E2ES technology, a system that produces clearer and sharper images from the edge of one lens to another. In fact, this corrects the field curvature and it’s a step-up from many binoculars. All other essential features are included in this binocular as well. It comes with an ED glass, saying goodbye to chromatic aberration. The absence of such color fringes will surely have an impact on your binocular experience. The lenses are also advanced fully multi-coated. So, the light gathering capacity will be substantially better, helping you to achieve the best potential of the binocular even in the low light situation. Add ESP dielectric coating with that. In fact, this is all you need for the best in class optical clarity.

The argon-purged body of the binocular will save you from any weather situation. However, this binocular will definitely break your bank if you are low on budget. Other than that, this binocular is mostly impeccable in quality.

Athlon Optics, Ares, 10 x 42 ED: Another awesome binocular which is pretty similar to the previous one except the E2ES technology is missing. Well, that can also be a good sign for you because it has cut down the price.

With its 10x magnification level and 42mm objective lens, Ares 10x42 features a fully multi-coated optics and other necessary features. ED glass is another great feature of this binocular. Even in low light and throughout the full range of magnification, you will have no chromatic aberration. You will also get the ESP dielectric coating which improves the light reflection significantly. The BAK4 phase corrected prism produces an image with better contrast, higher resolution, and better color reproduction.

You can use this binocular in the toughest environment, for the binocular is argon purged. Well, the caveat here is also the same for this binocular. This is also a pricey model.

Athlon Optics Neos 10x42: For those who are already disappointed looking at some expensive binocular, here’s the deal. With 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens, Neos binocular can be a great solution for the low-budget option.

You won’t get advanced features like ED glass or dielectric coating. But you need to keep in mind the price as well. The binocular features a multi-coated optics and durable built-quality. This binocular is completely water and fog proof, so you can use them in any weather conditions. The best thing about this binocular is you get a lifetime unconditional warranty. You never need to worry about your binocular.

In fact, this is not binocular to suffice all your need. You have to keep this in mind. Definitely, it will not produce great quality images like other mentioned binoculars. Still, this is the best buy for money when you are concerned about the built-quality of your product.

Finally, Athlon is a great brand, and their binoculars are really praiseworthy. It can fulfill all your need without compromising the quality. Check the Athlon binoculars reviews above and find your one.