Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32 Binoculars Review

The Wingspan Optics Spectator 8x32 compact binoculars brings you eight times closer to your view. Created specifically to meet the needs of bird watchers, you can use these binoculars in other occasions like in concerts, performances like the opera or plays, sports matches like football or soccer, and when out for hunting.

It can produce crystal clear images whether in broad view or when the focus is sharpened. Most people looking to buy binoculars need a gadget that can perform this function efficiently. The introduction of binoculars was made to enable us to clearly see further than what our naked eyes cant and this gadget thrives on it.

With an objective lens of 32mm, it falls into the mid-size category making it easy to grip for both adults and older children. It is also easy to carry around as it can fit comfortably into a small bag or a fanny pack. Wingspan optics spectator 8x32 binoculars come with a durable material that is meant to last for a long time. The gadget comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

 When you open the package, it should contain the following items;

  1. Covers to protect the lenses and eyepiece from unintentional scratches, cuts or scrapes.
  2. Neck straps that you can use to hang the binoculars while walking rather than holding them all the time which might prove tedious and sometimes they might slip from the hand.
  3. Microfiber lens, non-abrasive cleaning cloth to help you clean the lenses when they get dirty to ensure your viewing experience is not hindered.
  4. A nylon mesh carrying case that is used to safeguard the gadgets and the contents that comes with it.


Magnification size – 8x

Measurements – 4.5x4.5x1.75 (L x W x H)

Weight – 15.2 ounces

Distance between pupils – 56mm – 74mm

Water/fog proof – Yes

Tripod mounting – yes

Objective lens diameter – 32mm

Diopter system – Eye, Right

Diopter comp – + or – 3

Prism type – BaK4

Focus system – Centre focus wheels

Exit pupil diameter – 4

Exit pupil distance – 14.8

Minimum focal length – 3m

Field of view – 1000 yards

Eye relief – 14.8mm


  • Crystal clear images that give an up-close experience
  • Compact size that makes it easy to carry when travelling.
  • A large field of view that enables you to see a whole stretch of an area like a soccer pitch and a feature that allows you to focus in on a particular place, person or action like when a player is about to take a penalty shot.
  • Pocket-friendly price for a gadget with its specifications. It can be able to offer the same experience that can be found in high-end binoculars while still considering a person’s budget.
  • The use of BAK-4 in the wingspan optics spectator 8x32 binoculars produces better image quality compared to those made using BAK-7. BAK-4 guarantees better quality and has anti-reflective varnishes.
  • The non-slip grip feature makes it easy to hold it for more extended periods of time and prevents cases where it slips from the hands and falls.
  • Indicates eye relief measurement meaning users won’t have to try and retry until they get the perfect distance to view without getting blur or incomplete views. 14.8mm is the ideal distance to have your eyes from the lenses to have a perfect view.


  • Comes with very few instructions. Though using a binocular is not so hard, it would be great to add more information for those who would like to read.
  • Cannot fit in in the pocket as it is a bit big compared to its rivals.
  • As compared to its counterparts, it seems much heavier.
  • Though advertised as waterproof, it cannot be submerged in water. It can be able to withstand splashes of water on the surface and the lenses. Open water enthusiasts who frequently go for kayaking, surfing, and other water sports should be extra careful not to damage it by exposing it to too much water.

As per the features, it is clear that this is a gadget that can offer good service to anyone looking for binoculars that can deliver above average services at a reasonable price. Compared to its competitors on the same level, wingspan optics spectator 8x32 binoculars have been able to fetch positive reviews from a majority of the users, the only glitches being the ones listed above. Buying this binocular will be a wise choice for a person looking to enjoy activities such as bird watching, hunting, attending plays, and casual stargazing.