Wingspan Optics WideViews HD 8X42 Review for 2018

Whether you are simply out for a nice day of bird watching or going on a safari to see some rare species, binoculars are a must-have. However, there are countless binoculars to choose among, with varying quality and prices. Wingspan Optics WideViews HD 8X42, unlike many other, is one of the few specially designed binoculars for birdwatching and, eventually, provides excellent quality for the price.


If you want to use binos for other things than bird watching, you shouldn’t consider buying this product. Wingspan Optics WideViews  binoculars are specially designed to provide a stupendous level of clarity that only a bird watcher could benefit from.

As the name suggests, this model offers an exceptionally wide field of view – 430 feet at 1,000 yards. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bino with 8x magnification with a wider FOV. This is great for locating your target, as you cover a wider area while scanning the landscape, and for observing flocks of birds. The Wingspan WideViews binoculars will function very well in forest environments because you require a larger field of view with smaller magnification settings.

While the WideViews is an excellent bino, especially in its very affordable price range, it nevertheless makes sense to look at some alternatives. For better optical quality, have a look at NatureHawk Ultra HD 8X42 also by Wingspan or Nikon's Monarch 5 series, both of which use ED glass for even more brilliant images. A great budget-friendlier option is the Nature DX from Celestron.


Generally, the ideal magnification your bird watching binocular lenses should be built with is 8 by 42 millimeters. The magnification isn’t the greatest in the world in terms of sporting optics but the main trick with these binoculars is their perception of depth and ability to pick up detail. As mentioned, the lens and prism are crafted to provide an amazing extra wide field of view (430 feet), so you’ll never miss a scene even if the bird takes a sudden flight. This is most useful for scanning the forest or sky and immediately focusing on the bird. The multi-layer coating provides brilliant color and crisp image, which stays excellent even at a small distance of 2 m (6.5 feet). So, you can study the full details of a bird effortlessly. In fact, the close focus is of immense importance when you find the bird really close to you and zoom in for finest detail. These binoculars feel good on the eyes, providing a supreme vision for distant objects, and, needless to say, they are very comfortable to use.


If you want to carry your binoculars all day, undoubtedly, WideViews is an excellent choice for being lightweight and compact (1 lbs 6 oz). Therefore, it’s easier to carry them in a bag compartment (5.75 x 5 x 2 inches) for an extended period without taking the hassle of dangling around the neck, thanks to the slim and streamlined roof prism design.


The Wingspan Optics WideViews comes with fog proofing since the body is sealed with high-pressure nitrogen, and can endure the most adverse weather. Also, this product is waterproof, a must-have feature for professional bird watchers. It comes with a lightweight case that you can hang on your shoulder, however, more importantly, the binoculars have hooks on the sides where you can thread a strap through. In short, you walk around with the binoculars completely protected, and when you spot a subject after careful observation, you quickly flick off the protection (which won’t fall to the ground) and study the subject.

The general rule of thumb is that the better products come with a better warranty. So, you don’t have to worry if these binoculars ever get damaged because Wingspan Optics will take care of them for life. In fact, the lifetime warranty will ease your mind in day to day heavy use.


  • High quality glass
  • Durable
  • Wide field of view
  • Close focus
  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Made in China though with great quality
  • Touchy focus
  • No ED glass

The Verdict

Generally, it’s wise not to use these binoculars in heavy rain because water can penetrate and cause damage to sensitive components inside. So, it’s better to be cautious, and not to take any risk with your favorite binocular. Also, it may feel bulkier than you expect even after being compact and lightweight. Although these products are made in China, the performance and durability of the products are not compromised. In fact, in today’s market, most of the products starting from the basic one to the most sophisticated are made in China. Wingspan Optics WideViews HD 8X42 is worth buying considering its high-quality features coupled with reasonable price. To me, this is a go-to device within its price range that is powerful and easy to use and will give your bird-watching-experience a new horizon.