Best 10X42 Binoculars for Birding: Full Guide

The season for people to watch some birds or butterfly fly in the air is already on the corner. That is why you need to get your gear ready, and surely, your nifty pair of binoculars will be the first one on your aviary watching needs. Binoculars are a must have to spot birds, butterflies and other flying creatures camouflaging behind the trees and leaves. Fortunately, there are lots of binocular models that has a very powerful zoom and focusing features that will guide you in looking for species you have never seen before. One of the useful configuration for any bird watcher is the 10x42mm.

However, starting your binocular buying adventure can be quite difficult. You’ll find a lot of technical terms and products that will confuse everything out of you as you search the internet inside out. The good thing is, we already did all the dirty work so that it would be easier for you to get the best pair of binoculars for bird watching.

Our Recommended product

As stated above, the internet will yield you thousands of binoculars for bird watching on sale. Choosing the best one is truly a difficult task to do. But there is one that really stood out above the rest, and that is the Celestron 71406 TrailSeeker 10X42 Binoculars. Its fantastic features really amazed us all.

The Celestron 71406 TrailSeeker 10×42 Binoculars offers a very superb and amazing optical performance packed in a super sleek and stylish mid-sized lightweight chassis that is very perfect for bird watchers. Its wide field of view and 10x magnification power enables you to see objects and targets faster and closer. This pair of binocular also sports a pair of fully multi-coated lenses that is able to provide high levels of optimally managed light. Its Bak4 prisms are also fully phase and dielectric coated to give off a very brilliant image with true color and are sharply defined. It can be also used by prescription glasses users without feeling uncomforted. Outdoor use can be also fully maximized as it is waterproof and fog proof.

To sum it up, the Celestron 71406 TrailSeeker 10X42 Binoculars sports almost all the features you will need on a birding binocular without breaking the bank.


  • Waterproof and fog proof build
  • 10x magnification power
  • fully multicoated lens
  • friendly for prescription glasses users


  • Poor Ergonomics
  • Poor quality control

Why you need a 10X42 birding binocular

The goal of bird or aviary watching is for you to identify the bird you saw and take a photo of it for you to confirm what specie it is. But a bird watcher needs to observe a certain bird carefully using a good pair of birding binoculars for you to accurately identify it. It is not enough for one to identify a bird on the way they sound that is why getting a good pair of birding binoculars is a must have for you to identify them correctly.

How to choose the best birding binoculars

The good pair of birding binoculars must project the finest details and is able to make the objects and colors seem to pop out and be more certain of what you see. However, binoculars are quite expensive. Truth be told, one must extend their budget for you to have the best one that fits in your budget. Binoculars aren’t disposable, and you won’t buy a new pair in the next few years. That is why you really need to choose carefully and wisely. Here are some of the factors which will help you determine what birding binoculars to buy.

A binocular which has a large magnification power will enable you to see larger object with a very detailed image. However, large magnification power also means more difficult to make it steady, a narrow field of view and less depth of focus. But the good thing is, there are binoculars which has image stabilizing features, thus enabling you to see highly magnified images in a steady state.

A wide field of view will also enable you to see birds easier as you look through your binoculars in exchange for the ability to resolve detailed. Lower magnification also means wider field of view, but a narrow field of view can still be obtained with increased eye relief and nearer close focus.

Having larger lenses means more light can enter into the binoculars. More light gathered means more detailed images even in low light conditions, making bird watching possible at night wherein they are more active.

To reduce internal reflections and correct the focus of unstable light wavelength, prisms and lenses should be coated. Each level of coating makes the binocular more expensive but on the other hand improves the image.

A binocular should have built-in waterproofing, shock proofing and fog proofing capabilities. A good binocular should be sealed with rubber O rings and have it pumped with nitrogen regardless of the climate. Pumping nitrogen inside it can get rid of dust, sand and other small foreign objects that could get inside it. A good armoring made of synthetic rubber can also safeguard your binocular against physical harm that is caused by bumps, bangs and elements that can cause corrosion.

The size and does really matter in the world of birding binoculars. as you frequently look upward to the skies, then you may want to get a pair of binoculars which is lighter so it won’t strain your neck at the long run.

The Best 10X42 Bird Watching Binoculars You Can Buy Right Now

If you find the previous product unfit for you, then here are some other bird watching binoculars options that is worth a try.

  1. Wingspan Optics PrecisionHawk HD 10X42 High Powered Bird Watching Binoculars

If you are tired with a poor color quality, unclear contrast and foggy resolution, then this pair of reliable and professionally built pair of binoculars will give the quality that you really look for in a pair of bird watching binoculars. The Wingspan Optics PrecisionHawk HD 10X42 High Powered Bird Watching Binoculars will assure you that it has everything you need and desire in a good pair of binoculars.

With the Wingspan Optics PrecisionHawk HD 10X42 High Powered Bird Watching Binoculars, you can enjoy a very revolutionary color clarity, resolution, contrast and durability with its fully multi coated lenses and adventure eye phase correction that can provide true colors with every use.

It also includes a neck strap, nylon mesh carrying case, eyepiece and lens protection covers, and a non-abrasive, microfiber lens cleaning cloth to maintain the stunning quality of your Wingspan Optics PrecisionHawk HD 10X42 High Powered Bird Watching Binoculars.


  • Can provide clear images
  • very durable
  • has fully multi coated lenses
  • several accessories for maintenance
  • reasonable price


  • lens was somehow out of alignment
  • too heavy
  1. Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular

The Nikon 7577 MONARCH 5 10×42 Binocular truly is a best buy versus the other binoculars in its price range. Its resolution and brightness can even compete to other models of binoculars that are twice as expensive. It is also very lightweight at 21.5 ounces despite being full sized. Its also friendly in your hands. Its excellent 19.5mm eye relief can be also a great help for people who wear glasses. Its focus knobs are also very smooth and precise.

Its glasses were also state of the art with its ED glass, Eco-Glass and Dielectric High Reflective Multilayer Prism Coatings. It can be also friendly to all kinds of conditions and terrains with its rubber armored body and Highpoint design.


  • state of the art lenses and glasses
  • Excellent quality coatings
  • mountable to tripods
  • fully weatherproof


  • quite expensive
  1. Bushnell Legend L-Series 10x42mm Binoculars

Bushnell is the top maker of sports optics and has since continuously. With the Bushnell Legend L-Series 10x42mm Binoculars, you are assured of the best birdwatching experience that you deserve.

For starters, it only weighs around 2.2 pounds, making it ideal for every kind of bird watcher. Its 10×42 lenses will also help you see things clearly and brightly. It is also perfect for the very adventurous since it is fully waterproof and fog proof, making your birdwatching adventure unspoiled. Bushnell’s proprietary ED prime glass is also featured in this pair of binoculars to even give us a very clean and clear image in a consistent way.


  • Lightweight
  • waterproof
  • fogproof
  • ED prime glass


  • Poor warranty service
  • not good in low light conditions

A good pair of binoculars will be with you in times when you need a taste of the skies with the birds flying to it. These quality birding binoculars however are not easy to find out and you can’t just pick out the first one you see at the store. We hope that this guide truly has guided you in what bird watching binoculars you will purchase that will give you the best birding experience.