A Review of Gosky Binoculars: Quality, Features, Usability

Binoculars are the most widely used optical instruments of the universe, bringing every exciting action closer to you than ever before. But have you ever wondered about the affordability of the binoculars? Many of us still think that decent optics always break the bank and, unfortunately, binoculars are not their things. Well, if you are one of them and still wish to buy your very own binocular, then hold on a second and take a thorough look at this review.

Gosky is a registered company based on the United States and in recent years they garnered much praise for their optics accessories. Unlike another top of the line binoculars, Gosky is primarily committed to providing every customer with cost-effective products along with high-quality customer service. So, you can easily understand their target customer and marketing strategy. You will not get high-end specifications with Gosky products, but decent optics at an affordable price. In fact, Gosky product is made to be a great value product, and the manufacturer emphasizes on mass availability and affordability instead of exclusivity of the product.

Binocular Buying Guide: All You Need to Know

Buying you right pair of binoculars is often tedious and cumbersome, and you can get derailed from the ideal pair of binoculars anytime by misleading advertisement and promotion. However, knowing how to interpret the accompanying numbers and how the price and quality of the optics are correlated will surely boost your progress in finding your dream pair of binoculars. Generally, birding is one of the most popular uses of binoculars. In fact, the binocular gives you a great level of freedom in scanning the forest and enjoy its ultimate beauty. A binocular can work as a bridge between you and nature, letting you escape from the chaos of day to day mechanical life once you go for birding or any wildlife observation outing. Finally, be it hunting, birding, wildlife observation, sporting event, or any of your favorite outing, binocular can add a new dimension to your every outing. However, to avail and enjoy the fullest potential of a binocular you need to be conversant with some technical terms and specifications. Here are some of them!


Understanding the magnification of a binocular is quite easy: the first of the two numbers that accompany a binocular is known as the magnification level. And, magnification level of binocular simply means how much you can zoom in to your original views. More simply, how much larger the object will appear as you look through the binocular. The catch here with the binocular’s magnification level is that the greater is always not the better. With a magnification level of 10x or more, you will have a hard time focusing without a tripod since you every hand movement is amplified and you get a shaky view of the scene. So, think twice before deciding how much magnification you really need. Also, with greater magnification, you have to compromise wide field of view, which is often very important to catch all the action of the spot.

Objective Lens

The later of the two labeled numbers of the binocular indicates the size of the objective lens. The objective lens is often measured in mm terms and indicates how much light is captured through the aperture. The bigger the size of the objective lens the lighter it will capture, providing you sharp, crisp, and brighter images. However, the binoculars that have larger front lens will be bulkier and heavier. So, you need to balance between larger optics with larger front lens and portability issue.

Field of View

The size of the actual viewing window of the binocular is known as the field of view. It basically means as you peep through your binocular the widest dimension that is visible to you. Field of view is defined by width in feet or meter that is visible to you at a distance of 1000 yards or meters. The rule of thumb is the more magnification you get, the less is the field of view. So, as your magnification goes up, your field of view will shrink in the same manner. However, please remember that the field of view is determined by two important things: magnification and construction of the eyepieces. Generally, a wide-angle eyepiece with decent optical quality is expensive. But, the poor-quality wide-angle eyepiece cannot produce a sharp and bright image, causing you more misery.

Weight, Size, and Portability Considerations

You never want to keep your binoculars safe at your home while you are hunting or birding. At least this is not what the binoculars are made for. Most of the times you need to carry your binocular along with you, making portability issue of the binoculars one of the most important things. The weight of the binocular depends heavily on the size of the aperture you choose. Also, the weight relies on the construction of the binocular. However, a binocular with greater magnification and the larger objective lens is often bulkier to carry and, in some cases, you will face difficulty holding the binocular for a long time. If you need to carry your binoculars often, then go for a compact binocular because the bulkier binoculars will be troublesome to carry and maintain. A binocular can weigh from less than half of a pound to five pounds. Compact binoculars are often great for frequent travelers who go to hunting, birding, or kayaking.

Correlation Between Price and Optical Quality

There is a strong correlation between price and optical quality of the optics. The harsh truth about the price is you will never get excellent quality optics at a cheap price. If you look for features like extra-low dispersion glass, fully multicoated optics, stabilized images, you can only expect that your price will go up the ladder. And, with cheap optics, the difference will be visible. In the bright and low light, you will see drastic chromatic aberration in the images with little to no true color rendition. Also, in an inexpensive binocular that doesn’t use standard quality optics, you can see a tremendous drop off in the optical performance with greater magnification. As you magnify more, the image will get blurred, you will not get a clear vision. So, check the quality of the optics thoroughly before you buy.

Gosky Binoculars: Products that Seek Attention

Gosky 10x42 Binoculars: This binocular comes with a 10X magnification and 42mm objective lens. This compact roof prism binocular has a wide 307 ft of the field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. The quality of the optics is decent, coming with a fully multi-layer coating. Although you will not get very good quality optics at this price range, this one is really a great value product. The image quality is decent in terms of price; however, you will get blurred vision at full magnification. Also, bright daylight and low light can cause you trouble from getting a clear vision. However, the best thing about this binocular is the BAK4 prism which is excellent for providing superior optical performance. The construction of the binocular is durable with shock observing rubber armor. These products are not waterproof or fog proof, so you have to be careful with them. Lastly, Gosky 10x42 comes with some great accessories to make your life easier.

Gosky Skybird 10X42: This compact bird watching binocular comes with 10x magnification and a front lens of 42mm. The field of view is 307 ft at a distance of 1000 yards. The binocular is, in fact, good for outdoor activities like hiking, driving, climbing, hunting, and wildlife observations. At an affordable price, the quality of the optics is good, featuring a fully multi-layer coating green film objective and 18mm of blue film eyepiece. In a shorter range, you can expect to get a good quality image with decent color rendition. The construction and housing of the binocular are almost the same as the previous one. However, do note that although the product claims to be waterproof, be very aware in rainy weather. Since the waterproofing is not up to the standard of inert gas purging to protect you from all weather.

Gosky 10X 50 Binoculars: This is a comparatively bulky and powerful binocular, coming with a larger 50mm front lens and powerful 10x magnification. The binocular features an impressive 367 feet field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. The optics are fully multicoated and you will also get a generous 26mm eyepiece for comfortable viewing. The construction of this binocular is great with durable external armoring. Well, one more good thing about this binocular is that it comes a smartphone adapter kit, which is a fun thing to have.

Gosky 8x32 Binoculars: This binocular is an entry-level optical instrument with some nice specifications. The compact roof prismed binocular comes with a smaller 32mm objective lens, making it lightweight and easily portable. It comes with 32mm fully multi-layer optics. The eyepiece is 18mm, so no worries for the glass wearers. The shock observing rubber armoring increases the value of the product although you will not get waterproof or fog proof construction. However, coming with some great accessories, this binocular is a good buy for its affordability.

Gosky Titan 20x80: One of the cheapest astronomical binoculars of decent quality. At this price, you get an oversized objective lens of 80mm, which is a huge boost, and a magnification level of 10x. With fully multicoated optics and BAK4 prism, Gosky Titan excels at what it’s made for: stargazing. This binocular is not made for being compact but for providing extremely large and comfortable viewing. The construction is great for durable aluminum polycarbonate framework. Gosky Titan comes with protective shield carrying case.

Gosky Roof Prism System 8X32: Another entry level product that comes with 8x magnification and 32mm objective lens. The BAK7 prism is slightly cheaper than BAK4 and gives a lower performance. However, for the price, this is acceptable. Along with fully multi-layer coatings, the interesting thing about this binocular is it’s waterproof and dustproof. So, if you’re looking for a compact binocular at a very affordable price, don’t forget to take a look at this binocular.

Gosky EagleView 8x42: This is rather a high-end product from Gosky. In this binocular, they specifically focus on the optical quality and the effort is reflected in the price as well. It costs more than all other binoculars listed above. The best thing about this binocular is it comes with extra-low dispersion glass, which guarantees premium optical clarity, sharper and clearer images in best detail. With advanced fully multicoated optics, dielectric coatings, and phase corrected BAK4 prism, you can only expect breathtaking images with top-notch clarity at a very affordable price. The construction of the binocular is great with argon purged housing, and it is absolutely water and fog proof. So, don’t worry to bring it in the toughest weather. The 8x magnification and 42mm objective lens is the optimum level for better quality. In fact, if you are looking for some powerful optical instruments with a budget-friendly tag, don’t look back. This affordable binocular will never disappoint you.

Final Thoughts

Well, hopefully, you have got an idea that cost is always not a barrier in owning your dream pair of binoculars. Gosky puts a great emphasis on the affordability with an aim to reach every single customer who is on a tight budget. And, you will not notice a gross negative remark about Gosky products anywhere. The main reason is their affordability. People are always happy with these binoculars because they are really great value products. So, don’t forget to take a look at the Gosky binoculars if affordability is a prime concern for you. You will get exactly, or more than what you paid for certainly.