Steiner 210 MM1050 Military-Marine 10X50 Tactical Binocular Review

Military-marine tactical binoculars are often considered a one-time buy, and you won’t be looking for another every now and then. Therefore, it’s pivotal that you decide on the right one to buy and brag about. The features that earned Steiner binoculars such glory in combat -incredible durability, unprecedented clarity, reliable optical performance – can be found in civilian STEINER Military-Marine® series.  Without further ado, let’s see whether the Steiner Military-Marine 10X50 Tactical Binocular is worth considering buying.

Where to use it?

By now, you probably have guessed the main purposes of this binocular, as the name explicitly suggests, that it is a military-marine tactical bino. Right, they are meticulously crafted for marine and outdoor use and they are incredibly tough.

The Steiner 210 MM1050 comes with numerous amazing features right out of the box, making it a great choice for use on boats and in and around bodies of water.  This rainproof and fog resistant binocular is made to hold up in the most adverse conditions. Since it features large depth of field-focusing, this is ideally good for spotting prey while hunting. It’s equally good for open terrain and hilly country, and low-light conditions. Moreover, it comes with Sports Auto Focus feature, which is a nice thing to have for one-handed operation and effortless low-light viewing.

Lens & Magnification

The Steiner 10X50 comes with a 50mm objective lens, providing you a wide field of view and plenty of light which is rare in some other cheap binocular models. You will perceive better contrast and detail, more specifically in low light, in part due to Steiner’s advanced lens coatings technology which enhances light throughput. In fact, with a larger objective lenses, it’s easier to scan a vast area and spot the subject instantly due to the wide field of view.

This model also features a ten times magnification through a 50mm objective lens. It will give you an unparalleled field of vision with a crisp and bright image. The  Steiner 10X50 military/marine binoculars offer a field of view of 327 feet at 1,000 yards and a 17-millimeter eye relief. Another great thing is that you will be having a very large depth of field, meaning you don’t have to refocus on objects within the focal range. So, after focusing for once, you can study objects at any range. Large depth of field also means good depth and stereoscopic image perception.

Steiner 210 MM1050 in Action

In this price range, it’s very hard to find a competitor of this product with such quality. The legendary wide field of view, coupled with precision engineered optics, will produce a sharply contoured image, and you will never be disappointed. Indeed, you will find very little color aberration. The binocular has Porro prism design, has no moving parts inside, and will provide legendary durability in turn. These binoculars are comfortable even when used for extended period of time making it an ideal candidate for lengthy marine mammal (whales, dolphins) observation, for instance. The ergonomics are just right and hassle-free. Soft rubber eyecups provide comfortable viewing for hours.


The binoculars from the STEINER Military-Marine® series are well known for their incredible durability and unmatched performance, and this one is also no exception. They’re not easy to bust at all. The Steiner 210 MM1050 is crafted with Makrolon housing and offers light and durable polycarbonate chassis that can withstand 11 G’s of impact, so you never have to worry about its sturdiness. The rubber body armor will feel great in your hands too and won’t let the bino slip on surface easily. This product features a durable shock absorbing rubber that ensures a non-slip grip which is neither tacky or spongy, and it’s made to withstand extreme environment and rough use. So, you won’t need to think about purchasing a new one in the future if you already own this.


  • Rubber-armored coating
  • Ultra-durable
  • Reliable in all weather
  • Superior clarity and durability
  • Waterproof & fog resistant.
  • Heritage warranty from Steiner


  • Somewhat pricey
  • No HD stabilized compass
  • Autofocus may let you down occasionally and you’ll have to focus manually


Final Words

Undoubtedly, Steiner 10X50 Military/Marine is a nice binocular to have if you need incredible toughness and want to use it in a variety of environments and situations starting from observing marine mammals from a boat to hunting in the deep woods. However, the Sports-Auto-Focus feature may turn out to be a little problematic. Sometimes you need to readjust the focus constantly even after adjusting within the stated 20m. However, this model comes with a 10 years limited warranty, so you don’t need to worry about the product being damaged. Lastly, if you are going to observe marine life, you could find a cheaper pair of binoculars. Though they will do just as stellar of a job, for a professional and quality use, the price is reasonably justified. So, if you are an avid seafarer or adventurer, the Steiner 210 MM1050 is a must-see product for you.