Steiner Binoculars Review for 2018

Steiner optics is a leading manufacturer of outdoor sports gear and especially binoculars. It has a wide variety of products that are useful for many activities ranging from field to marine and advanced tactical use.

With its German technology and top-notch engineering, Steiner has made a huge success during the last few years and has come with new products that amazed users and helped the company become the most reliable and trustworthy manufacturer in this field.

In this article, you will know more than ever about binoculars, their special features, why do you really need a high quality binocular particularly from Steiner optics and most importantly, I will provide Steiner binoculars reviews for some of their best models that will make you dream about holding one in your own hands.

Why would one want binoculars?

Binoculars are very versatile tools that can be useful in many fields, especially outdoor sports, hunting and wildlife observing Users from the entire world believe that binoculars are necessary during a walk into the wild or a day in the heart of nature because without such magical products, you won’t be able to appreciate the real beauty of nature.

If your activity includes observing things from a relatively far distance, then a pair of binos might help you get the best results without losing much time or money on other equipment and here are some of the top activities where binoculars are a necessity:

Hunting – hunters need to see their game from quite a far range and for that, a good magnification system needs to be set up in place. Binoculars also allow you to have a wide field of view in order to see every detail of your image.

Birding – birders are most passionate about the quality of their view, for this reason, they always look for high quality as well as convenience and versatility especially because they are dealing with tiny creatures that move very fast. These qualities can only be found in a good pair of binoculars.

Hiking – binoculars are almost found in every hiker’s backpack because hiking is not only about walking in the mountains and trekking for long distances, but admiring the fantastic nature around you is also possible. Your hike will never be the same with a Steiner binocular.

Stargazing – that might look awkward but believe me! Many people use binoculars to look at the moon or Jupiter or their favorite stars. Despite its small size, this product is able to give you the best optical performance even at very far ranges such as looking at stars and outer space.

What different types there are?

Generally, binoculars do not differ a lot but there are still some differences that should be mentioned. For example, you can find a fixed magnification and a variable; usually the magnification power on binoculars range from 2X to 18X but 10X is believed to be the most versatile configuration. I recommend that you get a fixed magnification so you can avoid the decrease in quality with the variable one.

In addition to that, the focusing system is not the same on all binoculars; you can find an automatic focus, central focusing knob, and dual focusing (a central knob and a ring on the right eye). While you think that automatic focus is the best, I must tell you that the most useful option is the dual thanks to the precision it provides and the perfect resolution.

Furthermore, many other differences can be spotted such as the image stabilizing option that is found on rare but magnificent binoculars, it cuts the wind vibration and give a better stability to the image.

What features to look for?

Several features are responsible for the quality of the binocular, you should know a lot about these parameters to choose the best product that will guarantee quality and efficiency for a long time.

Magnification ­– this very important feature is the first thing you should check on the description. If you will be using your binocular at a high range then anything more than 8X is advised but if your range is relatively shorter, then go for a lower magnification so you won’t pay more money for something you won’t need.

Lens size – this feature is as important as magnification because it defines the brightness of the view. How much would you like your image to be crisp and clear? The answer to this question will help you get the best fit for your needs. Anyway, I recommend the 42mm wide lenses thanks to their versatility and convenience in the field.

Bear in mind that not only these two parameters define the quality of a binocular, many factors play a huge role in the quality of a good pair of binos and there are many things to be aware of so you can get the best experience.

What things to be aware of?

Weight, size and portability considerations – in order to feel comfortable and to enjoy your day out, you should pick a comfortable weight because you will be holding your binocular all day long in your hands and with other gear that might be heavy. Most binoculars weigh around 800 grams so anything under that will be good. Make sure that a neck strap and a special carry case are included to guarantee optimal portability.

Relationship between price and quality

You will always pay a considerable amount of money for quality but with binoculars, that ‘considerable amount of money’ is not would never stop you from buying the best optics of your life. Especially with Steiner products, you will find a seductive quality versus price ratio. Prices generally range between very cheap products that are not useful in professional activities (worth around $20) and high end products that are limited to professional use (worth more than $1000). Steiner products coming up on this article are mid-range binoculars that are made exclusively to satisfy clients.

Steiner Marine 7x50

This typical product is a very good choice for those who are seeking for the best optical performance. With only 7X magnification, this binocular can zoom in at almost everything from 100 yards away. Besides, it provides maximum clarity and a wide field of view thanks to its 50mm wide objective lenses.


  • Exclusive sports auto focus system from Steiner optics, the system that allows you to focus the view depending on your eyes once when you receive the product, then enjoy a lifetime automatic focusing at everything.
  • Its design gives better stability to the image and helps cut the wind or water vibration.
  • The Makrolon housing using in its construction gives the Marine 7X50 a legendary ability to resist shocks and come out from the roughest conditions without any damage.
  • Water and fog proof.


  • The sports auto focus is not reliable especially in some critical cases where sharp focusing is needed. It leaves the image blurry and provides low quality.
  • Sometimes, you can find astigmatism between the eyes of this product and you can do nothing about it.
  • Not very convenient for professional users, you can definitely find a relatively better quality with a lower budget.

Military/Marine 8x30

This military version of the marine binoculars is really interesting thanks to the performance it gives in the field with an 8X30 configuration.

The resolution is amazing on this product and the clarity is the best for 30mm lenses.


  • The same sports auto focus system is applied to this binocular, it saves you time when you are in action.
  • Extremely resistive to shocks thanks to its Makrolon housing and rubber armoring which is also responsible for the water and fog proof characteristic.
  • Compact size and extremely light weight (480 grams only).


  • The optical performance is not good as the optics suffer from internal light reflections that enhance chromatic aberrations.
  • Not useful in dark situations
  • Quality versus price ratio on this product is not satisfactory at all and you can find better quality for half the price.

Military-Marine 10x50 Tactical

The same category as the previous one, this product comes with a more important configuration: the 10X50. It is the literal definition of HIGH QUALITY. This binocular has it all, from the high range magnification to the outstanding brightness and the epic stabilization.


  • Performs great in low light conditions and is very useful for open large terrains. All of that thanks to the extremely wide lenses (50mm).
  • Durable material and shock resistant armoring.
  • Water and fog proof.


  • They are heavy (1 kg) which make them uncomfortable unless you are going to use them with a special harness and a neck strap
  • Poor eye relief that is not suitable for eye glass wearers.
  • Same as any other Steiner product, there are several issues with the auto focus system.

Steiner Predator 10x42

This is a one-of-a-kind binocular exclusively made for enthusiastic hunters who look for the best solutions to their problems with optics. Steiner came up with the Predator 10X42 to satisfy the demand of its customers and added some special features to make it a stunning innovation in the field of hunting.


  • Better light transmission thanks to special prism coatings.
  • CAT technology (Color Adjusted Transmission) for the best resolution and contrast.
  • Fast-Close-Focus that allows the user to quickly adjust the focus on any object with the central smooth knob.
  • This product is useful under rough conditions thanks to the N2 injection system that keeps the binocular well-sealed and protected.
  • Water and fog proof.


  • This pair is big in size, so using it in fast actions would be quite hard.
  • The inter-pupillary distance is not suitable for everyone so it is mandatory to check this feature before making a purchase.

Safari UltraSharp 8x22

The final product on the list is the Safari 8X22 which is a very convenient binocular for hiking and outdoor sports thanks to its compact size and ergonomic design. This is the best choice for those who take long walks and enjoy hiking through tough roads.


  • The most compact size you will ever find (weighs 280 grams)
  • Exclusive Steiner coatings that guarantees top performance
  • Wide field of view (377 feet at 1000 yards)
  • Water and fog proof


  • This product is unfortunately cheap made which makes it not durable at all.
  • The central focusing knob is not smooth and not easy to use as well as the left eye diopter
  • Optics used on this product are low-quality and because of that, you will struggle with setting up many parameters in order to get the best fit.

After all these Steiner binoculars reviews, it is made clear that Steiner optics is a very reputable manufacturer and still has its “German” touch on its products. Users from all over the world are fans of Steiner and so should you become because once you try one of the products cited above, you will never leave it! Anyway, always set your preferences and search well before you make the last decision.

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